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Girls Do Good: A colorful guide to changing the world with stories of real-life superheroes

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Hi! Do you want to change the world in your very own way? So do we.

 A good girl used to mean a nice girl. A quiet girl. A girl who played by the rules, didn’t kick up a fuss, and didn’t challenge the system.

 Inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt, “Well-behaved women rarely make history,” we are consciously choosing to rewrite the narrative about what being good means. It’s about doing your own good, not being good.

Girls aren’t good. They’re just girls. And we can all do good, just like these real-life superheroes and change the world bit by bit.

Girls Do Good: A colorful guide to changing the world with stories of real-life superheroes is a fantastic stocking stuffer this Christmas that will inspire the girls in your life to do good. Here is an excerpt:


The Environmentalists

 Bye bye plastic bags! Hi! We are Isabel and Melati.

Isabel and Melati live on an island in Indonesia. People on their island use way too many plastic bags. Plastic bags are a problem all around the world, not just in Indonesia, because they are bad for the environment.

 Sometimes animals eat the plastic bags and they don’t survive.

 The plastic bags litter many beaches.

 Isabel and Melati were sad that animals were being harmed by the plastic bags. They also didn’t like seeing their beaches looking dirty, so they started cleaning up, picking up hundreds of plastic bags each week.

 But they needed help.

 They spoke to the adults they knew and asked them to stop using plastic bags.

 Then Isabel and Melati asked other kids to help them clean up the bags, too.

 Now kids on Indonesia’s many islands, and all over the world, are helping to keep our planet clean.

 Quick tip: If you see your friend throw plastic on the ground ask them nicely, “Please can you put your rubbish in the trash can? Littering is bad for the environment.”

 Did you know? Nearly half of all seabirds in the world have either eaten or become entangled in plastic.

Our world is filled with amazing stories and “Girls do Good: A colorful guide to changing the world the stories of real-life superheroes!” shares the incredible stories of 11 girls that redefined what it means to be a “good girl.” “Girls do Good” is available in classrooms and mobile devices via the Apple Store, Google Play and Amazon.

Mile High Mamas
Author: Mile High Mamas

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