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Contest: Crazed Corn Days and Zombie Nights at Maize in the City

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Would you describe yourself as a bit of a scaredy-cat? Or, are you the type to revel in serious spookiness? Either way, you can take your family’s October to a whole new level at Maize in the City. Located in Thornton since 2001, Maize in the City offers two distinct experiences to maximize your style off Fall fun.

For a more family-friendly day time experience, conquer the Crazed Corn Field Maze. 20 acres of twisty turns through tall stalks encourage collaboration, togetherness, and a mighty sense of accomplishment when you pop out the exit, triumphant. Along the way, play a trivia game on your smartphone to get clues about which way to turn. Or, rely on your amazing navigational sense to see you through. Ten check-in stations let you know you are on the right track. Or, if your family has little ones, the Mini Maze might be more your speed and size.

My eight and six year old boys loved guiding us through the Crazed Corn Field Maze. They were a great age to step back a bit and let them enjoy the challenge of finding our way through.

When you have beat the Crazed Corn Field or Mini Maze, enjoy time bouncing around on inflatables, sandbox-style play in 2500 pounds of corn kernels, or romping at one of the other attractions (additional pricing may apply). Pony rides, a petting zoo, barrel train rides, sand art, a playground, and food concessions mean you can spend the day having farm-based fun.

Last year, they sold over 200,000 pounds of pumpkins. Your future jack-o’-lanterns might me in one of the massive piles for sale. They have all shapes, sizes, and colors. Load up the handy wheelbarrows with your perfect picks!

Ready to zap zombies? Confront killer clowns? Cheat Death? Haunted Field of Screams  is a nighttime attraction for those who love to get their scare on.

Four distinct experiences await for one price! Luckily they range from the tamer, still freaky Zombie Paintball Massacre to a deeply scary trek through the darkness of Dead Man’s Maze. It is not recommended for children under 12. It may not be recommended for you, either. You know who you are. If seeing a spider in your shower makes your blood run cold, this isn’t for you.

I didn’t think it was for me, either, but I took my two teenaged boys along to protect me. We had a blast shooting zombies with real paint guns from the side of a truck that wound its way through the corn. That was until it was time to exit the corn and we were chased by a chainsaw-wielding zombie. My boys are fast runners. I am not. Yet, there is something amazing about running through a corn field in the deep dark of the night as a zombie chases you. Nothing will make you feel more alive than bursting out the exit to scold your sons for leaving you to become zombie food.

Haunted Field of Screams has a concessions area with seating and carnival games as well. It is open at sundown Thursdays through Sundays for the rest of October, plus Halloween night.

For more information about pricing, hours, and directions, visit and


Mile High Mamas is giving away a Family 4-Pack of tickets to The Crazed Corn Maze at Maize in the City. This is the daytime attraction. It includes the Corn Kernel Box and playground access, as well as access to the pumpkins for sale. You may enter as many as five times.

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