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Free Money Museum Reopens Downtown With These Family-friendly Features!

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The Denver Branch of the Federal Reserve Branch of Kansas City reopened its Money Museum. Conveniently located on the 16th Street Mall, this free, educational and fun attraction is great for all ages.

Parents can introduce money concepts, like spending, smart saving and earning an income to children in a captivating environment.

Brightly colored and interactive wall exhibits simplify complex financial terms for young learners. Children can understand the process of money management, like the difference between a need and want.

Touch screens and engraving plates let kids create their own dollar bill with their picture, a special design or their own choice of colors.

Older kids can enjoy the redesigned counterfeit exhibit, where they can touch and smell currency. There’s also an entire wall of historical currency, with rare bank notes and coins on display.

Many think the most impressive display is the wall of $30 million in cash. At the end of the visit, all guests are welcome to take a bag of shredded cash as a souvenir.

The Denver Money Museum is a self-guided experience with no scheduled tours. This is another advantage for families, since the visit can fit your schedule – as long as it’s during the museum hours. It’s located at 1020 16th St., M – F, 9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. and is closed on bank holidays. 

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Photos: Matthew Staver

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