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7 Easy Side Hustles For Stay-At-Home Moms

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Denver, we love you…

…but you are expensive.

Despite the fact that your cost of living is crazy high, we cannot help but feel that we are the luckiest people on earth with your numerous outdoor activities, average 300 days of warm sunshine each year, and thriving job market, which — come to find out — not only applies to full-time work, but part-time and side gigs as well!

If you are a busy Mile High Mama looking to make a little extra cash here and there, you are in luck, as we scoured the web and found these 7 Easy Side Hustles For Stay-At-Home Moms:

  1. Gigwalk

Have you heard of Gigwalk? I hadn’t until a few months ago and now swear by it! Basically, it’s a free app that connects you with quick audit jobs around town, meaning you are checking stores for a certain product/display, answering a few questions, and snapping a few pictures. Cha-ching! Every gig is different and some may take more time than others, but I was able to make an easy $10 (paid via Paypal) in way less than an hour.

  1. Paper delivery

Yes, there is a certain connotation connected with delivering papers (see: 12-year-old boy riding his bike and grabbing papers from his shoulder bag), but the truth is that it is easy to do and pays fairly decent, so why not wake up when your kids/significant other are still asleep, sip your coffee, and enjoy YOUR music for once?

  1. Teach ESL online

If you hold a Bachelor’s degree in ANYTHING, you may qualify to teach ESL to adorable kids in other countries! The best part(s)? You do not have to speak another language, can choose your own schedule, and can make an upwards of $22/hour.

  1. Cashback apps

If you are on a first name basis with the UPS guy (darn you, Amazon!) and are not using a cashback app like eBates, Swagbucks, and/or Ibotta, you are missing out on free money. (To put it into perspective, by simply using their link to connect to Amazon, Groupon, and eBay, I was able to make an easy $43, which I am pretty sure I turned around and spent on our next Prime Now order. *insert shrugging emoji lady here*)

  1. Take surveys

I am a member of several work-from-home Facebook groups and see countless posts about making $500+ a day just for taking surveys. #Scam Yes, you can get paid to take surveys, but it is just a few extra dollars here and there, and not something that will pay the mortgage every month. However, if you want something that will both keep your hands busy while watching The Bachelorette and support your Starbucks habit, taking surveys may be perfect for you!

  1. Sell clothes online

Last summer, I played around with selling clothes on eBay and Poshmark, and can tell you from experience that it is a profitable side hustle! If you do not have designer clothes of your own to list, start hitting the thrift stores on half-off day! (I have found everything from LuLaRoe dresses for $2.99 to a legit Chanel skirt for $5!)

  1. Flip on Craigslist or Good Buy Gear

Staying on topic, Craigslist/Facebook Marketplace flips can be another easy side hustle, and one that does not charge a middleman fee (à la eBay). Last year, I thrifted both big outdoor toys and new kitchenware, cleaned up any scuffs/visible wear, and sold a few things for 15x more than I paid. Denver-based Good Buy Gear is the only online marketplace with a hassle-free buying and full-service selling experience that is perfect for moms to sell their children’s gear and baby items.

Annie Sandmeier is a wife, boy mom, Colorado native, and freelance writer who enjoys HGTV, drinking black coffee through a straw, and chicken nachos. When she isn’t playing baseball with her boys or writing, you can find her at Side Hustle Mom, which provides stay-at-home parents with legitimate job opportunities, tips, and inspiration.

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