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Virtual Reality Arcade Opens at DMNS

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VR Arcade” opened on July 9, at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. The pop-up experience uses virtual reality technology and features six bays for individual VR opportunities and a four-person Virtual Reality Transporter ride. “VR Arcade” is located on the first floor of the Museum near the popular “Space Odyssey” exhibition.

 “We tested a VR experience for the past year that was very popular with our guests, so we are expanding the VR offerings,” said George Sparks, President and CEO of the Museum. “We hope this will surprise and delight our guests and inspire them to enjoy exploring wherever their curiosity leads.” 

These are the games offered in “VR Arcade”:

  •  Google Earth VR
  • Beat Saber
  • V-Racer Hoverbike
  • Mars Odyssey
  • Plank Not Included
  • Eagle Flight
  • Job Simulator
  • Eleven: Table Tennis
  • Sea of Memories
  • Glider Island

 “VR Arcade” will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and requires a special ticket purchase. For more information, visit

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