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Drug prevention summit to push effective drug education in schools

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The marijuana industry continues to grow. We need to counter it–and can do it stronger, together. Drug prevention starts with moms and dads. Then it moves into communities.
You are invited to attend a coalition building event June 27 at 6 p.m. The following speakers will be in attendance: 

-Lynn Riemer, ACT on Drugs, is talking to us about the current drug scene in our schools.

-Courtney Reanier, Marijuana Accountability Coalition is enlightening us on the current state of the marijuana industry in Colorado. 

-Diane Carlson, Co-Founder, SMART Colorado is giving us the latest on what’s happening in the legislature.

-Aubree Adams, Mom’s Strong Pueblo, is running ending the event with a planning session on how we can push for stronger drug education in our schools.
Hosted by Foundation for a Drug Free World, and held at the Church of Scientology, 2340 Blake Street, Denver. RSVP: Dr. Patricia Ross, Drug Free World coordinator. (303) 204-439.
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