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Tiny House Living…. My Family’s Dream Come True

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The tiny house movement is on the rise and people are starting to notice. There are currently nine television shows about tiny houses and 11+ tiny house movies and/or documentaries. There are tiny house festivals all over the country drawing anywhere from 100 to 60,000 people.  It is no longer a fad… it is a movement. We started our tiny house in 2015 and we have loved every minute of it. I loved it so much that I wrote a book about it, “Minimalist Living for a Maximum Life.” I am excited to speak at the tiny house festivals all over Colorado this summer. I am especially honored to speak at The Colorado Tiny House Festival that runs June 22-24th, so get your tickets right away.

Why are so many people enthralled with the tiny house movement? Why do so many flock to these tiny house festivals? It’s different for everyone but in general people are amazed with the fact that anyone could live in such a small space. A large percentage of people are wanting a new life. A life full of financial freedom, the freedom to travel, less clutter and more time to do the things they love. We wanted all these and more. Since the start of our build we have began to shift our thinking and live the life we always dreamed of. It is not instantaneous, but it was worth the work and the wait. Financial freedom has been a huge benefit. The money we would have been used for mortgage, was used to get rock climbing passes, camping passes, take vacations, and eat 100% organic food. 

With less clutter, less to clean, and less to maintain, we have had time to travel, homeschool/unschool, move to Colorado to follow our dreams and begin to shift to the careers that bring us great joy. With less space, you are no longer tempted to buy things because there is no space for it. So many studies show clutter creates stress in our lives and I can attest that being clutter free has helped heal my mind, body and soul. I no longer think of all the chores I have to do all day, only to get home and not have enough time and money to do it. With the money we save on utilities we can buy clean food and practice more self-care. Overall, we have had a complete lifestyle shift and we feel so blessed.

It is not all sunshine and rainbows. Parking is an issue for many. Luckily, our move to Colorado has allowed us the opportunity to work with several tiny home builders, dwellers, families and enthusiasts to legalize tiny homes here in Colorado and eventually around the country. We had the philosophy “If you build it, the land will come.”

A wise man, (Ryan Ott with Midwest Tiny Living) told me that people make the change, and laws follow. By continuing to show the world that there is a place for tiny homes in our society and that we have a commitment to sustainable, minimalist living, we will create the change we want to see in the world. “In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.” ~The Great Law of The Iroquois

May abundance flow to you with ease. May you follow your bliss and live the life you always dreamed of. Much love and gratitude, Emily Gerde

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