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New Service is Reinventing How Used Kid Gear is Bought and Sold Online

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Much has happened for Good Buy Gear in the past year since we posted our first blog about this brilliant mama-driven business in spring 2017.  With a new warehouse in Arvada, Jessica Crothers and Kristin Langenfeld, the brains and mamas behind the incredible business, have added an extraordinary amount of new inventory, created a new pricing structure, expanded their service area, and continue to grow their  customer base.

What is this Good Buy Gear and why do you need to hire them? They offer a white glove service where they clear you out of unwanted baby, child and family gear, store them in their warehouse, then do the listing, selling, and delivery, all for you with only a commission on sold items.  

Good Buy Gear pays all parents directly to a Paypal account, Good Buy Bucks (store credit) or the old-fashioned snail mail check, when the item sells. If after 120 days online, and after discounting a couple of times, said item isn’t sold, they can donate the item on your behalf to their local non-profit partners.t. (Thanks for saving me 10 hours of time, this is amazing!)

This spring I reordered the White Glove service to come to my house and rid me of all my unwanted kid gear. The new registration for pick-up of goods is very seamless and easy. You can pick your preferred date and  time and also the size vehicle needed for your pick-up. I didn’t have much to get rid of, so I went with their lightest offering.

As was the case in 2017, the driver was on time, extremely professional and courteous. My items were then collected and the brains behind Good Buy Gear got to work sorting through the items, taking photos, grabbing descriptions and listing the items for sale. Now, I just watch the money come into my account. It’s that awesome.

Also new is the pricing structure.

The NEW “sliding scale” payout model lets you keep more of your payout for higher priced items!  AND they are now able to list items under $15!

Here’s how it works:

  • $250 = 80% (e.g. Double BOB Stroller)
  • $100 – $249 = 70% (e.g. 4Moms mamaRoo)
  • $15 – $99 = 60% (e.g. Strider)
  • < $15 = 20% (e.g. Bathtub)

And, if this isn’t tempting enough, here are the top items Good Buy Gear is always in need of, as they are the hottest sellers on the website.  If you are getting ready to rid your house of any of these goods, think Good Buy Gear before you do anything!

Parents are just too darn busy to be dealing with all the time consuming steps of selling your unused kid gear anywhere else. Let Good Buy Gear do the work for you, so you can save time for more important things. Sign up here for your White Glove pickup service today.
Julie B
Author: Julie B

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