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Tips for Taking Your Family to see the Rockies This Summer

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Do your veins bleed Rockies purple? Do you know every square inch of Coors Field? Do you know what Charlie Blackmon likes on his pizza? If so, then carry on with your awesome superfan ways.

If you just thought, “Who is Charlie Blackmon, and where is this field of Coors?” we are here to help. One of the best, most memorable family outings is a trip to the ballpark. Luckily, we happen to have a gorgeous, storied, highly accessible home to the fun-to-follow Colorado Rockies. They are celebrating their 25th season and your family can painlessly plan your day out at the ballgame. Here are some tips and tricks to maximize your good time at the game.

How do we get tickets? This is easy. You can purchase your tickets at Coors Field or any of their five Dugout Stores, which are sprinkled around the metro area. Or, you can go to and click on tickets. For games against highly popular teams, like the Cubs, you’ll want to pounce early.

Where should we sit? There are no bad seats at Coors Field. It’s a gorgeous facility with stunning views of the field and beyond. However, there are sections that are better suited for families, especially with young kids. You might want to avoid foul ball zones in the lowest (100) level if you are concerned about being distracted during the game. The Rockies extended the safety netting before the 2018 season started, but it’s something to consider if you can’t watch every swing of the bat and have the skills to react to a ball coming your way.

Lower section 342, along the third base side, is a designated family section. No alcohol is allowed.

The sun can be brutal during afternoon games with little shade if you have seats along the first base line, extending from right to center field. If sun is a concern, increasing shade through the afternoon into the evening is a savior on the third base line.

Up on the Rooftop, which seems to be the section of choice for 20-somethings, they have a nice shady area with cushioned couches and a pool patio vibe. Unfortunately, you can’t see the actual field from your comfy spot but they do have the TV feed on several screens.

What should we eat? The food options are seemingly endless. Ballpark prices aren’t famous for thrift, however. One great option for kids is Buckaroos, located at section 149. For $5, they can get a kids meal with different entree options, a side, a drink, and some cookies packed in a handy box.

You can bring your own food as well! Make sure you follow the security protocols.

What should we do and see while we are at Coors Field? Obviously, watch the game. But if your little one isn’t into studying the intricacies of a pitcher staring down a potential second base stealer, there are plenty of entertainment options. Take them to the playground located next to Buckaroos in section 149. At Gate A, they can test their baseball skills with Pro Batter Jr., Tee Ball, or join the Rockies Rookies Fan Club to get season-long benefits with fun events.

A must is the meet and greet with Dinger, the Rockies’ very own triceratops. He hangs out behind the waterfall in centerfield every third inning. Start lining up during the second inning for the best chance to get your child’s photo snapped with him. You can get his autograph, too! Have him sign a shirt, hat, or program for a special souvenir.

Don’t forget to stand and sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the Seventh Inning Stretch. If you don’t know the words, that is okay. They stream the storied lyrics on the brand-new 8400 square foot jumbo screen which is a sight to see in itself. That’s like 750 60-inch TVs sewn together like a big quilt of colorful awesomeness.

Odds and Ends to Make the Most of Your Family’s Ballpark Experience:

~ If you have a stroller, you can claim-check it outside the gates. They have people who watch a sea a strollers because you cannot take them into the ballpark.

~ Did you forget the sunscreen? Visit the First Aid stations at sections 133 or 330. They have giant pump bottles of sunscreen because it’s a very sunny place!

~ Watch the calendar for special events. The Rockies have some of the best fireworks shows around and they will sell out—but you have three chances to see them; on July 3rd and 4th, or September 28th. They also have themed games and special promotions where fans get t-shirts, posters, bobbleheads, beach towels, coolers, and many other goodies to take home.

Some of the upcoming fun events include Star Wars Night on July 28th, Faith Day + Free post-game Concert, Bark at the Park (bring your doggie, special ticketing required), Movie Night, Beatles Tribute Night, and even a Peanut Allergy Friendly game on September 3rd.

~ Hashtag the photos you share on social media with #ILoveCoorsField and #Rockies25th. They often share your snaps on the massive screen before home games.

~ The @Rockies Twitter feed is widely considered to be the best in all of Major League Baseball. Not only is it informative and timely with updates about weather delays, conditions, and player reports, it is very funny and innovative. They love to engage with fans.

~ Take a tour! They have in-season and off-season times. You can even tour the field on a game day, but only if it’s an evening game. Book your tour time in advance online for the best chance of availability.

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