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Denver Zoo’s Newborn Sumatran Orangutan Makes Public Debut

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Cerah (pronounced Che-rah), Denver Zoo’s newborn critically endangered Sumatran orangutan made her public debut yesterday and continues to thrive under the attentive and protective care of her mom, Nias. She was recently introduced to the rest of her family—dad, Berani, and her seven-year half-sister, Hesty.

Keepers report that Berani has been very gentle with Cerah and shown some interest, but has mostly kept his distance, which they say is normal behavior for a male orangutan.

Hesty has been affectionate and very curious, and tends to play nearby, often coming up to her mom’s side to get a closer look at Cerah.  

Guests will have a chance to see Cerah in the dayroom in the Great Apes exhibit in Primate Panorama

Amber Johnson
Author: Amber Johnson

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