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YouTube Kids Releasing App Moderated by Humans

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Has the Facebook privacy scandal made you even more wary of the time your kids spend online?

YouTube Kids was created to make parents feel safe about what their kids are watching but recent news coverage his shed a light on often-inappropriate content that makes its way through the problem. Additionally, a Business Insider investigation revealed that YouTube Kids was suggesting a wide number of conspiracy videos to viewers, including “videos which make claims that the world is flat, that the moon landing was faked, and that the planet is ruled by reptile-human hybrids.”

That’s the problem with algorithms–they’ref allible–so YouTube is looking for another solution. And that is to have actual people determine what is appropriate for children

According to BuzzFeed News, YouTube is planning to release a new version of its YouTube Kids app that will do away with algorithmically suggested videos and will only display videos from channels that a team of YouTube curators handpicks. The whitelisted version will be an option parents can select. It will exist alongside the algorithmic version.

By giving parents the option to turn off the algorithmically recommended videos, YouTube Kids will at least, in theory, no longer suggest conspiracy theory videos to children. It should also not show videos with problems similar to those that have surfaced on YouTube Kids in the past, such as sexually explicit language, profanity, and pedophilia jokes.

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