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6 Signs of a Family-Friendly Subdivision

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A good neighborhood makes a big difference in the quality of your life. If you are looking for Littleton homes for sale and you have young children, you will be reassured by signs that a subdivision is family friendly. While the ideal neighborhood is different for everyone, these six signs of a family-friendly subdivision are a great start when considering a move. 

Proximity to Good Schools

Education is critical, and where you live has a lot to do with where your kids go to school. In the public school system, your children’s school will be determined by your address. If you choose private school, it’s still convenient to be near your kids’ school, so this should always be a consideration. Great schools attract people who care about opportunities for their children. is a great place to start.  

Close to Kid-Friendly Activities

A family-friendly subdivision will offer activities that are kid-friendly outside of school hours. Look for organized events like fun fairs and sports teams. Sports facilities and free play areas like playgrounds also contribute to a kid-friendly atmosphere. 

Children Playing Outside

Kids need friends. When you see children playing outside, this is evidence of a good social setting for children in the subdivision. Children playing outside of their homes, at playgrounds, and elsewhere in the neighborhood, indicates that parents feel comfortable with the safety of the surroundings. You can check for this indicator by driving or walking around a neighborhood outside of school hours. Pay attention to the ages of the kids you see and consider how that matches with your own family. 

Friendly Neighbors/Sense of Community

If it takes a village to raise a child, your community is certainly part of that village. Friendly neighbors and a strong sense of community ensure that your whole family has the support you need to enjoy your daily lives. When you can rely on your neighbors, you never have to worry about getting a bit of extra help or making a social call. Neighbors turn into friends. Those relationships can last a lifetime and they matter to the entire family. 

Safety/Low Crime

When you are considering safety, look for low crime rates, but also think about safety features like crosswalks, crossing guards, fenced in areas, and well-lit sidewalks and roads. If you would feel comfortable walking around at night, it is probably a subdivision that would suit your family. 


If you can find all of these features in an affordable location, you have hit the jackpot! Affordable homes help families manage other costs of living. When you are not paying too much for your mortgage, property taxes and other bills, you have room in the budget for lessons, vacations, and other upgrades to your life.

Every family has unique needs. Fortunately, there are many family-friendly subdivisions out there. Keep these six signs in mind to help you find the ideal location for you and your family. 

Mike Lies is the employing broker at Gold Compass Real Estate based in Littleton, Colorado.  He enjoys helping people reach their real estate goals through buying and selling homes. In partnership with Mile High Mamas

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