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Contest: Toddlers, Sensitive Skin, and Science Behind This Colorado Skincare Company

Contest: Toddlers, Sensitive Skin, and Science Behind This Colorado Skincare Company

The Reason I Started My Colorado Skincare Company

My company, Brevity, launched in August but It really started long before that. I was raised in Colorado by a nature-loving artist who would give me chicken soup, chamomile tea and comfrey compresses before resorting to medicine, or store-bought creams. I was always curious about how these things worked, and why an aloe leaf felt better than the green aloe goo from Walgreens. This same curiosity led me to choose Biology as my undergraduate major. I’ve been creating products ever since.

When I became a mom, this little passion of mine became more of a lifestyle. I wanted to put only the best, natural things on my son’s sensitive skin. He has eczema and is prone to itchy dry spots. The defining moment came after a camping trip. The weekend in the elements did our little guy no favors. He had some pretty angry outbreaks.

Nothing is more motivating than having a child who needs something. So, I developed my first and favorite skin care product. Renew is made with food-grade aloe vera juice, natural sweet almond oil, and rose absolute essential oil. I tried at least 25 different recipes for this product, with different oils and essential oils, but nothing compared to this blend. I knew I wanted to use juice (rather than gel) because it is lighter and absorbs into the skin without that sticky, stiff feeling that aloe can have. And nothing compares to the benefits of rose absolute. Everything in Renew has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as being ultra light and moisturizing. The best part is, I put it in a spray bottle. So I don’t have to play WWE to apply it to my squirmy toddler.

I ended up loving it so much I went through two bottles in a week. I put it under my makeup, use it on my son’s sensitive skin, bug bites, sunburns, and dry patches. I gave it to my mom-friends to try, and they loved it, too.  We can all use some extra moisture in Colorado’s climate. A few months later, and five months into my second pregnancy, I started my company. I wanted to share these products, and share everything I’ve learned about natural skincare.

Bare is my second favorite product, and my most popular. It’s an organic coffee and cane sugar body scrub made with coconut, olive and jojoba oils. I have never tried a scrub I like more. My husband uses it on his hands and feet, and they have never been so soft. Dream, lavender essential oil therapy spray is another household favorite. I put it on my sheets before bed. Soothe, is a must-have mustard bath that smells like heaven, relaxes sore muscles, and relieves rashy skin. My candles are made with natural beeswax, organic coconut oil, and an organic cotton wick. They will not off-gas and smell incredible!

Every single product I make in small batches with my family in mind. I spend months researching every ingredient, and it’s benefits to the skin. If I don’t use it, I won’t sell it. It is a labor of love, just like motherhood, well, second to motherhood anyway.


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