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Contest: Supper Bell + Baby Fresh are saviors for mealtime

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Anytime Amber, our editor, offers up free food delivery service, I am never one to turn it down. My husband was gone for six weeks straight working on a project in California and I was home alone attempting to work and juggle the three little ones. I had recently reviewed another lunch delivery service that I could not write about even during these desperate times, I thought it was awful. It went out of business three weeks post-trial. That’s how honest I have become.

I decided to wait three weeks after we tried SupperBell and Baby Fresh Organics, and I tell you, I have no doubts when it comes to longevity and quality of the company and my new repeat order. Let’s just start with the fact I can order a Rosenberg’s bagel with a schmear of their famous scallion cream cheese. We could stop right there, but we won’t. We had a steak taco dish, a few breakfast entrees which had a great mixture of fruit, starch, and root vegetables. There was not a dish we ordered that wasn’t consumed and we went for a wide range from classic likes steak and fish to ethnic and flavorful options.

FINALLY! There is a place that is not outrageously expensive for take-out place that offers more than just one style of cuisine. Example, baby needs puree, teenager wants steak, middle school kid is having a moment and will only eat breakfast food for dinner, or brinner, as we call it in our house. BABY FRESH ORGANICS AND SUPPERBELL HAVE IT COVERED!

Order process is simple and there are photos, it makes it so simple. They text you before delivery to confirm and it’s ready to go. Yes, it’s that easy.

From Baby Fresh Organics you can order four different stages of food, everything from chicken, pumpkin and butternut squash puree for infants to wild sockeye salmon with zucchini noodles and cauliflower finger food for toddlers.

Each meal is designed by a nutritionist to include the perfect macronutrient balance. This means that every Baby Fresh Organics meal includes high quality proteins, healthy fats and whole food carbohydrates. They’re also acutely aware of the advantages superfoods provide in a baby’s diet. Therefore, they include foods like bone broth, probiotic foods and sea vegetables to support a growing child in a very tasty way.

While the Baby Fresh Organics menu rotates weekly, we have become fans of the stage 3 (10 months +) bison and sweet potato mini shepherd’s pie with carrot-apple-beet salad. It’s made with lean bison and packed with veggies. The light and fluffy sweet potato is fun to eat while providing some much-needed beta carotene, vitamin C and niacin.

You really can’t go wrong with any of the Baby Fresh Organics or SupperBell options. Everything we’ve tried has been fantastic.


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