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WHO Becomes A Surrogate…and WHY?!

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The What and The How

Surrogacy. It’s a beautiful thing. And most recently brought to light by some unexpected people…Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Thanks, Kimye! Hey, we don’t care HOW it gets more attention. We just know that now WAY more people know about it.

So what is surrogacy (for those of you who are even able to block out the Kimye news)? Surrogacy is when you have intended parent(s) who are unable to have a baby on their own and they seek out a woman to carry a baby for them, called a surrogate. In “traditional” or “genetic” surrogacy (which Colorado Surrogacy does NOT handle), the surrogate’s egg is fertilized with the intended father’s sperm (or donor sperm). This is frequently, lovingly dubbed the “turkey baster” approach (not a medical term). In gestational surrogacy (which we DO handle and is what Kim and Kanye used), an egg is used from the intended mother (or a donor egg) and it is fertilized by sperm from the intended father (or donor sperm) and then implanted into the gestational surrogate. Then the gestational surrogate carries that sweet baby for 9 months and takes amazing care of him/her, gives birth and hands the baby over to its amazing parents. How. Awesome. Is. That.

The Who

Now that you know what it is, the next question is WHO are these women who volunteer to be gestational surrogates? These women are usually between the ages of 21-35 up to healthy early 40s. They’ve given birth at least once and are currently raising that child. They have the full support and understanding of their family and friends. These are women who know the feeling you have when you hold your baby for the first time, and they want to give that to someone else. These women are selfless individuals who sacrifice for 9+ months to give intended parents one of the greatest gifts ever. The gift of family.

The Why

And now…WHY?! What could possibly be someone’s reason for doing this? Committing to being a surrogate takes courage and a big dose of selflessness. Many surrogates say their lives are positively affected as much as or more so than the intended parent(s)’ lives. Here are just a few of the reasons why surrogates choose to do this amazing act of love.


An undeniable joy and pride come with carrying a child for a person or couple unable to carry their own. It’s a selfless act, perhaps the greatest act of giving that you’ll ever perform, and that’s empowering! You are carrying a life for someone else!


A rich and rewarding bond between you and the intended parents forms when you match. That bond deepens as the months go by. Most intended parents want to share in your experience of being pregnant. They watch from the sidelines, mesmerized, filled with questions, eager to be a part of something they’ve only dreamed of.


Though pregnancy comes with its ups and downs, these are women who LOVE being pregnant! Women who felt great during an earlier pregnancy look forward to that same sense of well-being and to sharing the experience with their family.


As a surrogate, you’re introduced to a community of women for whom surrogacy was a beautiful and rewarding process. Their interest in the kindhearted ideals of surrogacy supports and enriches your experience.

Each gestational surrogate undoubtedly has her own reason why she chooses to share this amazing gift of family with those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to do it. At Colorado Surrogacy, we are always looking for compassionate, giving individuals who have a passion for helping people. While you *likely* won’t be Kim and Kanye’s next gestational surrogate, if you would like to help someone else experience the joy of holding their baby for the first time, contact us. We are local and focus on exclusively supporting Colorado gestational surrogates so we can be there with you every step of the journey.

Lindsay Jefferson is a Marketing Specialist at Colorado Surrogacy. She has her MBA and over 14 years experience in Marketing. Lindsay has three beautiful children and loves helping people grow their families through gestational surrogacy. In partnership with Mile High Mamas.

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