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Moms: Earn Extra Money with Your Car and Fluid Market!

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You love to reminisce about the first time your child scored a goal on the soccer field or landed a lead role in the school play, but you don’t feel the same way when you think about the registration fees or costume costs. Amidst its triumphs and pride, being a parent comes with a steep financial strain.

According to a recent study by the Department of Agriculture, parents with children born in or after 2015 can expect to spend $233,610 from a child’s birth to age 17. The icing on that 18th birthday cake is the average in-state, public college tuition of $25,290. It’s a catch-22 when you’re strapped for funds as a parent, because the logical explanation is to get a (or another) job, but time spent working means time spent away from your children.

That’s where Fluid Market comes in. Fluid Market is a truck sharing  app that lets you share with and borrow vehicles from your neighbors. Get a new car and don’t want to bother selling your old one? Use Fluid Market to lend it out for $40 per day.

When Fluid Market started in 2016, it was limited to Colorado users and open to any items. Following the app’s 1,147% growth in 2017, buoyed by a steady demand for truck and utility vehicle rentals, it just recently launched its truck-sharing marketplace nationwide. Using Fluid Market’s truck-sharing marketplace, you can list any vehicle – from a box truck to a sports car – at an hourly, daily or weekly rate. Most vehicle listings on the app bring in $5 to $10 per hour or $20 to $49 per day, plus an additional per-mile charge for trucks. So, why should you care?

Fluid Market makes it easy to earn money by simply lending something you already have: your car! Depending on what kind of car or truck you list, you could generate between $800 and $3,000 a month. In those first, pricey 17 years of parenthood, you could make more than double what you’d spend raising a child by simply listing one box truck on Fluid Market. Plus, you’d only have to lend for a couple of years to cover college tuition.

Before Annie Garland, working mother of two toddlers, listed a truck on Fluid Market, she was exhausted by long work days with little work-life balance. She’s a self-proclaimed side hustler who had been looking for a way to make enough money on the side to afford her more time with her children and enough resources to start her own fitness coaching business. In November, Annie took a leap of faith and purchased a box truck.

“Putting a box truck on Fluid seemed like an experiment worth trying.  Everyone needs a large truck at some point, right?” Annie said. “Every good idea starts by helping people solve a problem, so I knew this could be profitable.”  

In her first month using Fluid Market, Annie earned $930 with little time or effort.

Lending on Fluid Market is the ultimate side hustle, because it hardly requires any hustle at all. While other side hustles like driving for Uber, tutoring or selling items on Craigslist require time and effort, Fluid Market lets you make money and put the extra time and effort into your children. Visit the and iTunes App store page for more information.

By James Eberhard, CEO of Fluid Market. In partnership with Mile High Mamas.

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