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What Makes HAT Summer Camps Unique?

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What makes HAT Summer Camps unique? We put a lot of time and effort into understanding and communicating with our parents and students to find out the answer to this question. Here is what we discovered. 
The majority of parents are overscheduled, multi-tasking, and time-crunched so having a quality summer camp located within 15-minutes of where they live is a top priority. This is why HAT has multiple summer camp locations in convenient neighborhoods throughout Denver. 
Students had two very important components they looked for in a summer tennis camp. First, the camp must be fun! Let’s face it, adults or kids, we all want to have fun in a sport and that is generally what gets us hooked in the beginning. Once a student has been bitten by the tennis bug, what makes this a sport they will be able to build self-confidence from and enjoy over the long-term? If a camp is only fun and doesn’t develop proper skills, frustration sets in and then over time (along with a lot of wasted money, missed shots and lost matches) the child says “sayonara” to the sport! That’s a lose, lose for everyone. This is why our accomplished team of coaches is committed to making every day fun AND educational. Sport is a vehicle for our coaches to teach students the same golden rules and principles they are learning at home from mom and dad: character, integrity, time management, dedication, work ethic, and resilience to name a just a few. 
What also makes HAT Summer Camps unique is where it began. HAT was founded by Ryan Segelke in 2009. Ryan is a Colorado native, a former professional tennis player, and WTA Tour Coach. While coaching on the WTA tour, Ryan’s players competed in all 4 grand slams. International junior players from all over the world (including China, Australia, Peru and Africa) have also traveled to train with Ryan and his team. All this experience has been formulated into a fun, educational methodology specifically designed for YOU, local Colorado tennis players 6-18 years old from beginner to advanced levels. 
Giving back is near and dear to HAT’s heart. HAT Alum, John Lutaaya, who is currently attending Linfield College and will be back to coach at HAT this summer, is from Kampala, Uganda. John’s mother, Nabbosa, still lives alone in Kampala and struggles on a daily basis to stay out of poverty. That’s why 2% of summer camp registrations will be directly donated to Nabbosa to help keep her above the poverty line. In addition to helping Nabbosa, we are committed to helping local players gain access to quality programs like ours. We are proud to share that through, a non-profit founded by Leslie Segelke, we are able to provide thousands of dollars in scholarships annually to local Colorado tennis students in need. 
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