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Preparing our kids for Big Futures…at Engineering for Kids Summer Camp

Preparing our kids for Big Futures…at Engineering for Kids Summer Camp

When we were kids, and in many cases still today, students learned Math in Math Class, Science in Science Class and Technology looked a lot like typing class.

About ten years ago, a movement in education coined as “STEM”, an acronym for Science, Technology Engineering & Math was created so that kids, who were not as interested in learning math and science the “old way” would have new opportunities to experience Math and Science through Engineering and Technology and as a way to prepare for future innovations. 

The STEM movement started, for the most part, because of the shortage of workers needed to fill the Computer, TECHNOLOGY and ENGINEERING jobs of the future. 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that STEM jobs pay much more than non-STEM jobs, and computer based and engineering occupations are expected to grow to over one million new job openings between now and 2024.   That is just SIX YEARS from now.

However, today, there are even more reasons to introduce STEM to your kids:  It is now easier than ever!   The quality of tools, curricula and programs available to us as parents and consumers is better than ever, more accessible and even more affordable.

My family and I started Engineering for Kids, a summer camp and STEM learning center five years ago as a way to support kids who love to build, and who wanted to learn more about Engineering. But today, Engineering for Kids is for every kid – because our mission is for every kid to learn to love STEM.

Just imagine learning the basics of programming through painting a large tapestry with a rolling robot or by choreographing a robot Dance Party?  Summer Camp is now more than a fun way to spend a summer, it’s the beginning to learning how to code, and building sustainable skills that lay a foundation for fundamental math and science understanding.

Camps at Engineering for Kids begin with learning programming and coding through fun tools that kids love:  Minecraft, Robots, Electronic components and Space, and the learning doesn’t stop on Friday at the end of Camp. 

In most cases at Engineering for Kids, the technology – robots, online programing subscriptions, or micro-components go home with the kids.   Instructors focus on teaching sustainable lessons so that kids can explore after Camp, at home, on vacation and even well into the year. 


Now is the time to DIVE into STEM with Camps at Engineering for Kids, and make a choice for learning beyond just the summer and in preparation for Big Futures ahead.


Summer Camps are held Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. (after care is available).  Ages groups includes a Master Engineering Camps for ages 12 -1 4, Apprentice Engineering Camps for ages 9 – 11 and Junior Engineering Camps for ages 6 -8. No experience necessary, just a desire to have fun and learn something new! Registration site: 

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