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Don’t miss Creative Waves’ new crafting corner!

Don’t miss Creative Waves’ new crafting corner!

Hello Mile High Mamas – It’s Nikoletta from Creative Waves stopping by today to share with you a simple, pattern-free way to sew an eyeglass case.  

While visiting Pier1 Imports at the Flatirons mall in Broomfield in search of a hidden treasure, I discovered a rack of bonded leather (and other beautiful materials) for a mere $2 a sheet!  The sheets came to about 11×17 and were available in many colors and textures.  My mind went into overdrive thinking of all the great things I could make with it:  leather handles for serving trays, hanging leather slings for plants, clutch purses and wallets, the options seem endless!  For this tutorial, I decided to use this find to make a super easy, hand-sewn eyeglass case that will keep your glasses from harm while in your bag.

Step 1:  Put the glasses you are intending the case for on the edge of the leather piece.   I was on the fence about using the existing decorative edge but decided to keep it.  

Step 2: Draw with a pencil a line above and next to where the glasses sit.  

Step 3: Fold the bonded leather piece to double the area you marked in pencil and cut out this area.  Lay the cut out piece flat and place the glasses on one side, fold the piece over to double check you have enough material.

Step 4: Soften the edges by rounding them out with your scissors, or include any edging designs you’d like.  I chose to make the front of the case lower than the back, giving me easier access when rummaging around in my bag.

Step 5: Using any thread and needle (no need for waxed thread and leather needles for this project) sew up the 2 edges using an overcast stitch.  You can do this by making a series of equally-spaced, diagonal stitches that loop around the edge of the leather.  Keep your stitches equally spaced and start on the bottom of your case.  I was glad to have kept the decorative stitching on the material as it served as a guide to keep my stitches even.  Another way to achieve a straight line is to place some painter’s tape to use as a guide when hand stitching.

That’s it!  Custom sized, inexpensive, quick and handmade–can’t beat that.  

If you can’t make it to the Broomfield Pier1, check your local furniture stores to see if they have material swatches they no longer use or are obsolete.  You can also try second hand art supply stores like Art Parts in Boulder for inexpensive materials.

If you’d like to try your hand at sewing real leather with waxed thread and stitching chisels, check out Creative Waves’ workshops in Boulder.  We’ll be making a gusseted clutch purse from super soft Italian leather from the Leather Hide Store this Spring. We’d love to have you join us and make more awesome creations!  

Mile High Mamas
Author: Mile High Mamas

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