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10 Deliciously Easy Valentine’s Day Treats

10 Deliciously Easy Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine’s Day is all about showing your loved ones how much you care. But love doesn’t have to equal spending tons of time in the process. Check-out these darling ideas–some are healthy, some involve chocolate. Either way you win. 

1. Chocolate Strawberry hearts

These chocolate strawberry hearts are easy to make and since they are chocolate covered strawberries they are delicious too!

Chocolate Strawberry hearts

2. Valentine’s marshmallow pops

Here’s a Valentine’s treat that is super easy, and perfect to send along with your little sweeties to share with their friends.

Valentine’s marshmallow pops

3. Hearts in apple sandwich

All you need are an apple, a small heart-shaped cookie cutter and some fun fillings!

Hearts in apple sandwich

4. Heart Rice Krispie Pops

Even little kids will love helping mold these rice krispies into heart shapes, dipping them in melted chocolate and covering them with sprinkles.

Heart rice krispie pops

5. Fruit kabobs

Get creative  (and healthier!) by making edible Cupid’s Arrows with fruit firm enough to withstand a skewer.

Fruit kabobs


6. Red velvet sandwich cookies

They are easy to make and do not need a lot of ingredients.

Red velvet sandwich cookies


7. Cupid’s arrows

Cupid’s arrows

Almost similar to fruit kabobs are cupids arrow which is made using a pretzel. Fast, fun and easy!


8. Heart milk cubes

Add a few drops of red food color to milk in a bowl and freeze it during the night in the ice cube trays.

Heart milk cubes

9. Cherry tomato hearts

Simply cut two separate tomatoes at 45 degrees and join the two pieces in a way that they make a heart. Combine the two together using a toothpick and it will make a lovely cupid’s arrow and a healthy snack at the same time. 


10. Sweetheart shortbread

Sometimes you want to have something sweet, but not too sweet. It’s times like these when this recipe, which produces a light cookie with a bit of a crunch, comes in handy.

Sweetheart shortbread

Let the kids cream the butter and sugar and as you add an egg to the mixture. As the kids do this, you can mix the baking soda, cornstarch and flour, the baking powder and a bit of salt. Combine the two mixtures. Separate the dough before baking if you want them colored. Flat cookies will not need to be baked for long. For crunchy cookies, have them in the oven for a bit longer while covered with an aluminum foil.

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