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Involve Board: The New Way to Find Opportunities for Your Teen

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Last year, I connected one of my most shy students to a program called ArtLab, a program that uses art to address social issues. Since joining, she has become more empowered and more confident than she’s ever been. She would be the first to tell you that ArtLab changed her as a person. As an educator at a public school, I thought – what if we could do this for every student across Denver? This is why I created Involve Board.    

Involve Board is a new website for students, parents, and teachers in the Denver Metro Area. The website serves as a one stop shop for students to find opportunities ranging from volunteering, to weekend workshops on coding, to summer programs at universities.

Parents and students can create accounts and find exciting opportunities based off their interests. They are then able to pin their favorites to their own boards and apply. Think Pinterest for teen opportunities.

Extracurriculars can change a child’s future. Volunteering and participating in programs helps your teen gain soft skills, find their passions, and *bonus* looks great on their resumes. And as we know, colleges and scholarships are getting more competitive each year.

I wasted an entire year of college as a nursing major, only to discover that I hated seeing the inside of a human body. I definitely wished I would have figured that out $10,000 earlier.  Maybe if I would have known about CU Anschutz’s “Exploring Careers in Health Care” Day for high school females that would have helped me.  Getting our youth involved not only allows them to develop as people, but allows them to discover what they are passionate about. We all want our kids to be the best versions of themselves as possible. So as an educator and as an entrepreneur, I encourage you to encourage your teen to try new things and check out Involve Board.

Here are some awesome opportunities that are on Involve Board right now:

  1. LYNX National Arts and Media Camp at CU Denver: This summer immersion program is for students interested in contemporary music, film, or visual arts. Your student will meet people from around the country and get a taste of college life by being on a campus.
  2. Volunteer Open House at the Denver Children’s Museum: Visit the Museum and learn about ways to volunteer. Most students need volunteer hours to graduate – help them get those in early!
  3. Generation Teach: Not only does your student get paid, they get to see what life as a teacher is actually all about. Your student will complete two weeks of teacher training and then spend the summer teaching middle school students. I’m sure it will probably make them more appreciative of their teachers when they return to school in the fall 🙂
  4. Colorado State Patrol Youth Academy:  This academy is designed to give teens a look into the career of law enforcement as well as developing their leadership skills, team building, and understanding of today’s complex issues facing Colorado first responders.  
  5. Cornell’s CURIE Academy: Do you have a high school female who excels in math and science? Let them spend a week on Cornell’s campus learning more about careers in engineering.

There are countless more opportunities on Involve Board and more being added every week. So, whether you’re looking to have your teen volunteer, attend a summer program focused on coding, or maybe you just want to get them out of your house – check out  Involve Board today.

Maggie Dering

Mile High Mamas
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