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Guilt-free Mom’s Night Out that gives back to school

Guilt-free Mom’s Night Out that gives back to school

It started with the “Bad Moms” movie back in 2016. The premise of the movie struck a nerve with so many moms I know. Trying to be a good mom but feeling stuck at times. The whole idea of building and nurturing your own life while managing your family’s activities and well-being is tiring and sometimes downright frustrating. The comedy knew my story – as well as most moms I know. Serendipitously, that’s when my foray into producing mom’s night out events began.

A guilt-free mom’s night out where every mom could give equitably to their kid’s school and receive a swag bag was needed. I wanted to create a night where the mom tribe could become stronger through conversation and laughter. Sure we see each other’s news feeds but old school gatherings will always be the best way to connect – especially when you’re having a bad week. From the moment I had kids, my mom groups and friendships became my life jacket. Whether it was a breastfeeding group, stroller walking group, family play date, room parent group or simply a group of moms catching up during a flag football game, moms are an important niche that ‘get my drift’ literally.

After a year of running movie night events, I wanted to create something bigger.  An event with more entertainment value and where every mom could attend, regardless of what city they lived in or what school (public or private) their kids attended. All moms need a night out once in a while and all schools need funding to stay afloat and competitive.

Speaking of school funding, it’s common knowledge that Colorado is among the states that spend the least on education (per pupil). The result is that it forces schools to scale back on educational services, only with the hope of raising enough revenue (via PTA for example) to help fill the gap.

On top of that, parents expect a lot from their kids’ schools but many forget that there’s a real cost for the resources that support those expectations – including the cost to stay current with technology. When I went to school during the 70’s and 80’s, our schools were better supported. We also didn’t have to factor in ever-increasing technology costs. The only electronic equipment our classrooms had were electric typewriters. The Internet didn’t even exist. We live in different times.

If we want our future generation to be competitive, then every dollar counts. With that, my business will always have a school fundraising component.   

On January 25th, 2018, the Mom UP! Project will welcome moms at the Hangar at the Stanley Marketplace. This will be a much-needed mom’s night out after coming off from a long winter break, holidays and bringing in the new year. Along with being greeted with the much-loved swag bag, there will be pop up shops, cash bars and intriguing guest speakers to round off the event. Plus, $8 from every ticket will be donated back to the school of each attendee’s choice within Colorado.

The final takeaway is for moms to enjoy a night off and welcome in a little indulgence for their soul.

Mom UP! Project combines entertainment, shopping and community giving to create a guilt-free night for busy moms


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