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Start your New Year with “First Day Hikes”

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On January 1st, Colorado Parks and Wildlife invites all Coloradans to welcome 2018 by heading outside to enjoy the trails in a Colorado State Park. First Day Hikes offer a chance to start the new year right by getting people out for some exercise in nature. This year​, 26 state parks are participating by hosting an organized hike. Each park offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the new year, with most parks offering guided hikes and some parks providing multiple options to choose from, allowing you to select the time and route you prefer. 

Many parks are also offering refreshments and free giveaways for this event, such as mugs and pens, thanks to a grant provided by the Colorado Parks Foundation. The hikes ​​are free but park visitors must possess a valid parks pass to participate.

 All First Day Hikes will vary in ability levels and length depending on location and weather conditions.​​​​ Bring snacks and water, dress in layers and be prepared with traction and/or trekking poles for winter hiking in snow or on icy trails; if there is snow, consider bringing snowshoes.  Sign up here. 

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