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Making Health Care Work for Families with this Cutting-edge New Model

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One of the toughest times as a mom is when your kids get sick, really sick.

One. After. Another.

And then YOU get sick while your kids are still miserable with what’s going around. Now your whole house is a germ-infested mess because no one has the energy to clean up, make dinner or even take a bath. Sound familiar?

One of the reasons we live through this illness hell is because going to the doctor is a lot of work when everyone is sick and the copays and bills that come after are frustrating. With long wait times to get an appointment, then short office visits and bills that bombard you later, health insurance is not working for families. But there are options that ensure great health care for every member of your household.

Provider Access at a Flat Rate

“We don’t worry about copays or how much it will cost if one of the kids gets sick,” Hailey Norman said about her experience with PeakMed, her family’s health care provider. PeakMed is membership-based family medicine, similar to direct primary care. Members pay a monthly fee and see their doctors as much as they want. Additionally they can text, email, call or video chat with their doctor when necessary, so members can still get medical issues addressed after office hours.

Norman lives in Colorado Springs and has six children ranging in age from three years old to 16 years old. She is acutely aware of the need to have a doctor available to meet the needs of their large family.

Meghan LoRe and her son may have a smaller family, but they signed up for PeakMed for the same reasons. “My son is three and in daycare and sick all of the time. I knew we would need to to be at the doctor more often,” LoRe said. Her son had an after-hours rash and a high fever recently. She was grateful to be able to send photos of the rash to their provider who explained the treatment and that it wasn’t anything that required an urgent care or emergency room visit. He’s all better now and she is thankful for not having to pay extra money for a run to the ER.

Quality Time with Providers

One perk to this health care model is that providers have the time work with you on your health care goals. Many clinics have 10-15 minute doctor appointments. At a direct primary care facility, those times are longer. At PeakMed, providers will meet with you for up to an hour.

Prior to joining PeakMed, Diana Alestri and her family of four grew increasingly frustrated with the long wait times accompanying visits to their pediatrician. “I loved my pediatrician at the time but hated spending more time in the waiting room than I was at the actual appointments. I was ready for a change.”

For months, Norman struggled with ringing in her ear, followed by a muscle spasm down her spine and shooting pain into her head. She saw many specialists about her health issues but the quality time she’s able to spend with her PeakMed provider, diagnosing the problem, led to a breakthrough. “I am functioning so much better.”

Saving Money, Better Health Care

Norman’s family still carries catastrophic health coverage for their family in the event of an emergency, but she is confident investing in a monthly membership at PeakMed has saved them thousands of dollars on health care since they began in April 2017.

LoRe is very happy with the care she and her son have received for the affordable rate that PeakMed provides. But aside from that she feels that the caring staff is just what the doctor ordered. “I feel more a part of a family. They are always nice and there for you. I so much prefer PeakMed over insurance.”

With so many families frustrated with the care they receive through their health insurance, it’s time for innovation. PeakMed is redesigning health care so moms, dads and children can see the doctor when they need to and not only because they can afford to.

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