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Teaching Your Daughter About Her Menstrual Cycle

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Even today, menstruation is too often a taboo topic and, as a result, what information girls hear about it is frequently negative or incorrect, and even school health classes that discuss the subject often focus on the “nuts and bolts” without ever touching on the real, practical experience of a monthly cycle. As a result, menarche — a girl’s first period — can be a disconcerting experience for many girls.

But parents, mentors, and friends of Mighty Girls can turn this milestone of womanhood into a much more positive and empowering experience. By providing lots of accurate information and practical advice, girls can learn to view their menstrual cycle in a totally different way: as an important element of their female nature and as a key sign of coming adulthood.

In our newly updated blog post, we recommend a number of excellent books to help girls understand how menstruation works as well as how to manage the physical and emotional changes that come with it. These recommendations include books geared toward helping prepare girls who are still a year or two away from menarche as well ones that offer teens a more detailed understanding of how their cycles and bodies work. The post also recommends several first period supply kits and related resources that are helpful to have on hand so your Mighty Girl will feel prepared for when the time comes.

To read our blog post on “Teaching Your Mighty Girl About Her Menstrual Cycle,” visit

For more recommended resources to help tween and teen girls understand all of the physical and emotional changes taking place during puberty, check out our blog post “Talking with Tweens and Teens about their Bodies” at

For those with younger Mighty Girls in preschool and early elementary school, we’ve also recommended resources on teaching them about their bodies in our blog post, “Body Smart, Body Safe: Talking with Young Children about their Bodies” at

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