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Free Tutoring in Reading!

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Is your child struggling with reading? Did you know they could receive free tutoring through Colorado’s very own Children’s Literacy Center? Children’s Literacy Center (CLC) is a local non-profit organization whose mission is to build a life of success through a foundation of literacy…ONE child at a time. 

We all know how important reading proficiency is.  Not only are reading skills an important indicator of academic success and achievement, but the ability to read has proven time and again to guarantee economic security and social stability in our neighborhoods and communities, in addition to benefiting children’s creativity, empathy, understanding, and curiosity.

Reading confidence and success starts early, and it is important that your child is able to read at grade level in order to keep up and excel in school.  With approximately 30% of third grade students in Colorado failing to meet state reading standards, this translates to thousands of children at risk of not succeeding in school.

If your child is struggling with reading or not quite hitting grade-level reading standards, the Children’s Literacy Center can help – free of charge!  Based in Colorado Springs with two separate tutoring locations in the Denver area, CLC tutors have helped more than 10,000 children increase their reading skills since 1993 with dedication and commitment from parents, students, and tutors.  With 95% of the children who completed at least 12 weeks in the CLC’s Peak Reader Program® improving their reading skills by one or more grade levels, the CLC is the perfect place for readers who are struggling to meet school reading standards.

Read below for more information on getting your child involved!

Who are the tutors?

Children’s Literacy Center tutors are volunteers from the community ages 14 and older who have completed a background screening and three hours of CLC training. Many of our tutors are retired professionals wanting to give back, some are high school students required to complete volunteer hours for school, and a few are college students pursuing careers in education. Regardless of their background, all of them possess a desire to help the children in their community.

Criteria for student enrollment

In order to be eligible for the Peak Reader Program®, a child must be reading below their grade level, must have completed the first semester of first-grade, and must have a reading level between first and sixth grade.  CLC volunteers cannot tutor children diagnosed with Dyslexia or those on Individual Education Plans (IEPs). For children who are eligible, tutors work with children one-to-one using CLC’s phonics-based program at no cost at all! If your child fits these criteria and you would like to enroll them in CLC’s program, parents can complete and submit the Parent Commitment Form and reach out to your child’s teacher asking them to fill out a Student Referral Form.

After the Parent Commitment Form and the Student Referral Form have both been received, your child’s name is placed on a waitlist. As the Children’s Literacy Center’s waitlist can become quite long, sometimes children may be unable to enroll until the following semester. However, the CLC is happy to say that the waitlist for the Denver Metro area is not very long at this time.

We have two locations in the Denver Metro area:

Martin Luther King, Jr. Library
9898 East Colfax Ave.
Aurora, CO 80010
Dates: Sept. 9 – Dec 9, 2017
Days: Saturdays only
Time: 10:15 – 11:15 a.m.

Z Place -Evie Dennis Campus
4800 Telluride St., Bldg. 5
Denver, CO 80249
Dates: Sept. 6 – Dec 6, 2017
Days: Mondays & Wednesdays
Time: 4:30 – 5:30 p.m.

For further questions, you can contact CLC’s Program Director, Pamela Polke, at (719) 471-8672 ext. or To find out more, you can also check out their website at

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