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I Child-Proofed My Home but They Keep Getting In!

I Child-Proofed My Home but They Keep Getting In!

Nine months ago you welcomed into your home your new bundle of joy and life as you knew it changed forever.  Now it seems almost overnight your beautiful, giggly, curious and cautious baby blossomed into a walking, talking, rambunctious toddler whose curiosity for adventure is endless!  You suddenly feel man-to-man coverage is no longer effective and immediately switch to full on ZONE defense!

“How did this happen?”

“We’re not ready for this!”


Sorry parents, unfortunately all household problems cannot be solved with duct tape and a glass of wine.  Fortunately however, you can gain some sanity back with a little babyproofing and a common sense approach to protecting your toddler against potential dangers in your home.  Seriously, can you not wait to see the look on their little face when they can no longer empty EVERY SINGLE piece of plastic ware from your kitchen drawer?  Priceless.  I know.  I have 4 children, the struggle is real.  Deep breath.  You’ve got this. 

Consider these facts:

  • #1 cause of death among infants and toddlers are PREVENTABLE household accidents
  • Every day almost 39K children sustain injuries requiring medical attention
  • Nearly 3 million children are treated in the ER each year for fall-related injuries

Professional babyproofers with Baby Safe Homes Denver can help you protect your most precious asset, your child.  Here are some tips to get you started when making your home safe.  The simplest way to understand and see the dangers of your home is to get down on their level and look around each room.  There are 3 phases to childproofing to be tackled in phases or in one sweep of home security.  These stages are crawling, cruising and pulling themselves up on furniture and lastly, walkers…or some cases…..runners…..!

Baby Gates 101.  There are many products and brands to choose from including pressure mounted, swing open hinge gates and sectional gates.  First ask yourself, what areas do we need to add another layer of protection to keep our child safe?  Stairs often first come to mind to prevent unwanted falls and mobility throughout the house.   Keep in mind never mount a pressure gate at the top of stairs.  The biggest risk to your child is an improperly installed child safety gate and a false sense of security.  

Entrapment.  As your toddler gains mobility there comes increased opportunity of finding themselves in tight spots or pulling furniture over onto themselves.  Keep all furniture away from windows and open stairwells/lofts.  Secure large and small pieces including dressers, changing tables, TV’s and consoles to the wall.  Any window above the first floor is recommended to be protected from danger with a window guard product and limitation of opening them to 4” or less. 

Electricity.  Outlets and cords pose shock and burn dangers to your child as they crawl and explore.  Outlet covers are a good idea in every area of your home.  Protect every family member with carbon monoxide detectors outside the bedroom.

Household Hazards.  Cleaning supplies, kitchen utensils, cosmetics, medication, all need to be properly secured behind cabinets or drawers with installed locks.  Keep all window covering cords out of reach, especially in the baby’s room and play areas.  Most importantly, if there are older siblings, small toys and craft items need to have a separate place that is secured and out of reach. 

Water.  Keep Fido’s water and food bowl elevated or in a separate baby-proofed area only the pets have access to.  Toilet locks are an excellent way to prevent drowning hazards for your child.  A child can drown in as little as 2” of water.   Don’t forget pool security for backyard swimming pools and ponds.

Baby proofing can be overwhelming and sincerely frustrating after your 10th trip to the home improvement store.  Take back your space and sanity by hiring a babyproofing professional.  Help is just a phone call away.  Baby Safe Homes Denver is pediatrician recommended and offers same day installation.  For more child safety tips check them out online at  or call for a safety evaluation and ask them about your $99 installation special 720-504-4838!

Guest blogger Staci Baker is a Certified Child Safety Expert and Owner, Baby Safe Homes – Denver.  In partnership with Mile High Mamas. 







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