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Denver Bike to Work Day with Allegra® Allergy

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This post was sponsored by Allegra® Allergy but all thoughts an opinions are my own.

Did you know that the Denver region’s Bike to Work Day is the second-largest nationwide event of its kind with a whopping 32,000 participants?

On June 28, we were thrilled to team up with Allegra Allergy (, a strong supporter of several Bike to Work Day events across the country, as they made strides to help reduce air pollution and help to get more people outdoors. If you’re an allergy sufferer like myself, you understand the sheer misery that comes with seasonal allergies (who can forget my colossal meltdown in the doctors office?

My aforementioned meltdown could probably have been prevented with Allegra Allergy, an antihistamine that offers adults fast,* non-drowsy relief from indoor and outdoor allergy symptoms—including itchy and watery eyes and a runny nose.

A recent survey found that a majority of Americans (88%) are concerned about the impact of air pollution on their overall health.** It also found that most Americans (90%) wish there was more they could do to get involved and help reduce air pollution. Riding a bike to work instead of driving is a great place to start.

Last year, Mile High Mamas organized a memorable ride for moms and kids. We met for a free breakfast at one of the many Bike to Work Day stations, scored some free schwag, and plotted a beautiful route along the Ralston Creek rail in Arvada that was replete with playgrounds and creek play.

That said, Bike to Work Day isn’t just for those riding to their jobs. The event is always open for everyone—from the new and seasoned cyclists to kids on training wheels.

To learn more about Bike to Work Day and how to get involved next year, visit

Who knows? After taking Allegra Allergy to combat your allergies, you may have such a fun time outdoors that you’ll bike to work (or around your neighborhood) on a more regular basis.

*Starts working in one hour. Use only directed.

 **This survey was conducted online using Toluna’s QuickSurveys methodology between January 22, 2017 and January 24, 2017 among 1,256 adults (ages 18 and over) in the USA. Respondents for Toluna QuickSurveys are selected from among those who have agreed to participate in Toluna surveys.

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