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New Dinos! Live Roars into the Denver Zoo

New Dinos! Live Roars into the Denver Zoo

After a day full of little people bickering that I was reduced to literally tying my children together with a scarf to work it out, we loaded up into the minivan and headed to the temporary exhibit, Dinos! Live at Denver Zoo, supported by Your Hometown Toyota Stores.  Our 10 year old is an accomplished dino expert, so meeting these giant creatures face-to-face would be right up his alley.  Not to mention it’s the ZOO, so there’s that.

The Exhibit

 The exhibit features 21 of the “terrible lizard” sculptures, 18 of which are animatronic. Perfect for all ages, this exhibit offers the chance for guests to see these prehistoric creatures brought to life among the Zoo’s living animals. 

The sculptures are positioned throughout the Zoo, located near Zoo residents they share something in common with. For example, an Edmontonia, a leaf-eating dinosaur, is positioned in a garden near other plant-eating animals, while a Utahraptor, a feathered species, is outside Bird World. From the familiar Tyrannosaurus rex to the lesser known Carnotaurus, guests will “ooh” and “aah” as they watch the dinosaurs move and roar. One dinosaur, a Dilophosaurus, even sprays water! A fossil dig will give budding paleontologists the chance to get their hands dirty while discovering dinosaur bones. Additionally, a non-robotic dinosaur—or a “Selfie-saurus”— is a photo-opportunity for guests to sit on and pose for photos.

Our Experience

The second our kids’ feet hit the parking lot pavement, they were off in search of where the dino noises were stemming from.  The first extinct creatures greeted us within feet of our arrival in the gates.  A massive herbivore guards the lion exhibit while his high-speed little companion squawks at guests.  A zoo worker took advantage of our son’s pure delight over the dino guests and the two of them had quite the time discussing facts and observations.  It was even more charming that my son is currently sporting a woodchuck footprint on the back of his little noggin.  Don’t ask why a woodchuck.  It’s where his brain was at when his tush hit the barber’s chair. 

While the actual live animals at the zoo were of some interest, our time was highlighted by “what dino is next!”  We hustled toward noises and lights and met each and every dino nestled into the greenery and rocks throughout the grounds.  It was magic for our littles and because of that, it was also magic for Tim and me.  After a day of wishing summer away as a Mama, THIS was a breath of fresh air.  Thank you #dinoslivewithtoyota.

More Fun

Dinos! Live at Denver Zoo runs through October 31, 2017 and is included with the price of regular admission. 

The fun also continues throughout July at DINOS! Prehistoric Party, where guests of all-ages can get an even deeper dinosaur experience. In addition to seeing the sculptures and Zoo’s animals after-hours, the event will include family-friendly entertainment, such as craft stations, games, animal demonstrations, fruit carving and more! DINOS! Prehistoric Party dates are July 8, 15, 22 and 29. To purchase tickets and get more information about this, and other events associated with the exhibit, please visit their events page.

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