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What Benefits Does Preventative Air Conditioning Maintenance Provide?

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Aside from changing the filter, most homeowners rarely think about their air conditioner until something goes wrong. Your air conditioner is a complicated piece of machinery with numerous moving parts that can become worn and eventually fail. Just like your vehicle, your AC needs preventative maintenance in order to function properly. The following are just a few of the benefits of preventative air conditioner maintenance.

Increased Home Comfort

Dirty or damaged air conditioning components have a hard time registering the indoor temperature correctly and circulating cool air throughout the home. This can result in inconsistent cooling. If you find that you constantly have to adjust the thermostat in order to remain comfortable or you notice hot or cool spots in your home, there is a good chance that your air conditioner needs to be checked out by an HVAC technician.

Increased Energy Savings

A poorly maintained air conditioner has to work harder and longer in order to keep you comfortable. This causes your AC system to draw more amps, which means that your utility bills start to skyrocket. Even something as simple as dirty filters and components can increase the amount of energy that your air conditioner consumes by as much as 20 to 30 percent. Xcel Energy recommends that Denver homeowners have their air conditioning units maintained and tuned-up on an annual basis to reduce energy usage and save money on utilities.

Better Air Quality

Dirty filters, coils, and blower parts allow more dust and contaminants into your home. An inefficient air conditioner also creates a more humid environment within the home. Not only does this make the home feel clammy and uncomfortable, but it can allow dangerous mold and mildew to develop that can affect the health of your family. 

Lower Repair Costs

Most air conditioner problems develop slowly as the result of wear and tear. By having your AC system inspected on a yearly basis, you can catch these small issues before they cause damage to the compressor or other expensive components. You are also less likely to experience a major AC malfunction at a time when you need your air conditioner the most.

Extended Equipment Life

Your air conditioning system represents a significant financial investment. The average air conditioning unit lasts 10 to 15 years. With proper care, you can almost double the usable life of your air conditioner, which makes preventative maintenance well worth the investment.

What Does Preventative Maintenance Include?

At Swan Plumbing, Heating & Air of Denver, our preventive air conditioner maintenance service includes:

• cleaning the condenser unit,
• calibrating the thermostat,
• lubricating the motor,
• checking the fan control,
• inspecting and adjusting the refrigerant charge, and
• inspecting the coils and low voltage wiring.

After a comprehensive 22-point check, our technician will provide you with recommendations to improve the performance, safety, and efficiency of your AC system.

Schedule AC Tune Up or Annual Maintenance Today!

Call Swan Plumbing, Heating & Air, one of the most trusted Denver AC Repair companies, for more information on how preventative maintenance can improve the efficiency and lifespan of your air conditioner. You can also  use our convenient online contact form to schedule an AC tune-up with one of our licensed and industry-certified HVAC technicians. In partnership with Mile High Mamas.

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