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Cirque du Soleil’s LUZIA now in Denver

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Cirque du Soleil’s LUZIA has landed in Denver, bringing a dreamy surrealistic vision of Mexico’s vibrant culture and lush landscape. Acrobatics, dance, contortion, juggling, humor, music, and innovative special effects work deftly in a harmonious sensory experience. It starts from the moment you enter the beautiful new gold and white tent.

The international cast of 44 performers holds nothing back as the story unfolds. A hapless skydiver finds himself landing in a flowered field and things are not always what they seem. Water becomes his quest and with that he journeys through many storied aspects of Mexican geography and culture. Deserts and rainforests, horses and birds, modern life and heartfelt tradition — all are whirled together under that big top.

It’s important to note that many of the creators, writers, designers, and the featured singer in LUZIA have roots in Mexico. With that comes a true, intimate love of the country, its people, and its richly diverse traditions. 21-year-old singer Majo Cornejo is Mexico’s first featured voice in a Cirque du Soleil production. LUZIA wouldn’t have been the same without her beautiful, warm, soulful voice singing often-haunting songs.  

LUZIA, a waking dream of Mexico, pushes the limits of performance and endurance. For example, contortionist Aleksei Goloborodko of Russia folded himself into shapes that defy common sense. It was extraordinary to witness. Benjamin Courtenay of Canada exhibited superhuman strength in his strap-based performance as a whimsical Jaguar prowled around shimmering blue water. Mexico’s national sport, football (soccer), gets the Cirque du Soleil treatment with two outstanding performances by Laura Biondo of Italy/Venezuela and Abou Traore’ of Guinea. They sling together sport and dance in a highly energetic routine. For those of us who can barely kick a ball across a lawn, this was a spectacle to remember

One of the many highlights of LUZIA, a waking dream of Mexico, is the incorporation of water on stage. It’s used to push along the story of our dear skydiver, but it is also a character in itself. Water is life, making the deserts bloom. It’s whimsy, as highlighted in high energy beach and scuba diving scenes. It provides comic relief. It becomes a stunning backdrop as iconic images are projected onto a falling wall of water. Water is WOW.



From now until July 9, 2017, you and your family can be whisked off to a dreamy vision of Mexico. The big tent is located in Denver’s Pepsi Center parking lot. You can get family packs of tickets that save 20%. Concessions are available and the show is appropriate for all ages to enjoy. Visit for more information, video highlights, and to purchase your tickets.


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