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Summer, camps and lice, oh my!

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Summer brings on some of our favorite childhood memories: camping, slumber parties, lazy days at the pool and summer camp. Unfortunately, all these summer hits can bring on bummer nits! When kids increase opportunity for head-to-head contact by sleeping under the stars or in camp bunks, sharing towels at the pool and covert giggling under the covers, the chances of contracting head lice surge as well. 

Further challenging is that most lice have become resistant to the most common store-bought treatments, deemed “super lice” in a 2016 study published in the Journal of Medical Entomology.

Head lice do not transmit disease, but they are a pain, and having them has nothing to do with good hygiene or a clean house (or good parenting)! Many camps perform head checks at registration, and kids who have lice may be deferred or sent home to be treated. 

To avoid issues, perform a pre-camp head check.

  1. Examine your child’s scalp under a bright light by parting their hair, and look for movement. Lice will move quickly away from the light.
  2. Use a metal lice comb, available at most drugstores, divide up the hair, and work through small sections, looking for white specks.
  3. Lice eggs look like dandruff and attach themselves to the hair shaft that is within a half-inch from the scalp. If you can drag the white particle down the hair strand, it could be lice; if it’s easily brushed aside, it’s likely dry skin or dandruff.

 Treat Any Infestation. 

If you find an infestation, the fastest and simplest way to get rid of lice is to take your child to a lice clinic that uses an FDA-cleared device such as AirAllé® Lice Device, such as Lice & Easy.  “These devices basically dehydrate not only the lice, but more importantly, the nits or eggs,” says owner Kelli Boswell. “A single treatment, which takes about an hour, kills 99.2 percent of head lice and nits; we also guarantee results, and will re-treat free of charge if there are any issues.”

For parents who prefer DIY, most clinics offer effective topical treatment products that work on the new strain of “super lice,” professional lice combs and instruction on how to perform the comb out. These treatments do require follow-up procedures.

Send kids to camp with lice-prevention products

To avoid contracting lice at camp, give your kids lice-prevention hair products, such as shampoo, conditioners, styling gel and/or mousse. Encourage campers to keep their brushes and hair accessories separate, and to pull long hair into a ponytail to minimize contact.

Lice & Easy is offering a $10 pre-registration camp head check certification (A $25 value) for the month of June. Must mention this offer. We also have 10% off all our prevention products and have several trail-size products that are perfect for camp. In partnership with Mile High Mamas.


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