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How These Denver Moms Are Changing the Way You Buy & Sell Your Kids Items

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Genius. Simply genius. Good Buy Gear is PERFECT for us moms who want to get a little extra cash for our gently used baby and kids gear, but simply do not have the time to take photos, write descriptions, list online, negotiate, then wait around for someone to show (or not show!) to take the items. I have tried this for years. I have hired local teenagers to help me list items, take photos and measurements—it’s exhausting. Luckily, Jessica and Kristin came into my life one gorgeous spring Saturday this past April.

Good Buy Gear launched in Winter 2016 by clever Denver mamas, Jessica Crothers and Kristin Langenfeld. The concept is simple. They offer three basic services:

First, there is the white glove treatment where they clear you out of unwanted baby, child and family gear, store them in their warehouse, then do the listing, negotiating, selling, and delivery, all for you with only a 30% commission on sold items.

Second, parents can upload their own items directly to the website with a 20% commission taken on items sold.

Lastly, what about all the items they come and get? They are all listed on their website, for retail internet shoppers.

The payout. Good Buy Gear pays all parents directly to a Paypal account, Venmo account, Good Buy Bucks (store credit) or the old-fashioned snail mail check, when the item sells. If after 60 days online, and after a discount, said item isn’t sold, they will donate the item on your behalf.  This to me is one of the best aspects of the company; Jessica and Kristin will donate all your items to local non-profits and send you the tax receipt. I’m sorry, but that’s like saving me three hours every season dropping goods off at non-profits.  Plus, I feel this is a critical decision when you just want the item / stuff out of your house, they do it for you, it’s gone!

My experience was obviously the white glove treatment and Jessica and Kristin literally showed up in white gloves. I had most of my items ready to go in an area of my garage. They came, they took, listed each item with photos, a description and fair-market price that had been researched, and send you links to approve. DONE. It’s been roughly three weeks since my items have been listed and two have already sold and I have received my tax donations in the mail. Genius. Simply genius.

To find out more how to buy awesome baby and kid items for discounted prices or sell your own, go to


Julie Bielenberg
Author: Julie Bielenberg

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