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Colorado Adoptive Families: Have You Signed Up For 2017 Adoption Camp Yet?

Colorado Adoptive Families: Have You Signed Up For 2017 Adoption Camp Yet?

We in Colorado are fortunate to have a variety of adoption camps held right here each summer. Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families has been forging connections within and among adoptive families for 26 years. Which camp is right for you?

June Heritage Camps

Camps for families with African, Caribbean, Korean, Guatemalan, and other Latin American heritage.

July Heritage Camps

Camps for families with Indian, Nepalese, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Thai, Southeast Asian, Pacific Islander, Russian, Eastern European, and Central Asian heritage. Also, a special camp for adult adoptees.

August & September Heritage Camps

For families formed through domestic infant adoption, foster adoption, and for those with Chinese heritage.

My family plans to be at our Camp — for our fourth year in a row. The first year, both my kids and I made new friends — people who know what it’s like to be in an adoptive family. Each subsequent year, we look forward to seeing our new friends, doing campy activities, and learning more about identity and the ages and stages of growing up.

As an adoptive mom, I get a lot from the special speakers brought in to help me navigate the sometime turbulent waters of adoptive parenting. Topics may include behavior and nutrition, forging better connections with your kids, getting the support you need at school, what you need to know about search and reunion, transracial issues, culture exploration and other subjects adoptive parents want to know more about.

Simultaneously, the kiddos are bonding with each other and learning more and more about their own journeys, helped along by counselors — young adult adoptees themselves — who have walked their path.

Registrations deadlines are coming up soon, so check into your camp today!


adoption bookLori Holden, mom of a teen daughter and a teen son, writes from Denver at Her book, The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption: Helping Your Child Grow Up Whole, is available in paperback, hard cover, audio and e-book versions. It makes a thoughtful anytime gift for the adoptive families in your life. Lori is passionate about the mission of Heritage Camps for adoptive families and is a longtime volunteer for the organization.

Lori Holden
Author: Lori Holden

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