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Steve & Kate’s Summer Camp: Buy Day Passes & Use Anytime

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At Steve & Kate’s, we believe that when you trust kids, they develop the confidence to trust themselves, and learn to use their own judgment. So we built a summer camp that puts kids in charge. Because unlike traditional schools, summer gives us the freedom to reinvent learning in a way that allows kids to make their own choices – and, of course, a few mistakes along the way.

Driven by this belief, we’ve built our summer camp to put kids in the driver’s seat of a world of possibilities. So whether your child is a natural-born storyteller with a love for animation, or a budding chef, or a hacker-in-training, or a dance machine, they can dive into their passions in a world free from adult judgments and expectations.

Our structure is custom fit for every child. All activities are available every day and we give campers a large, well-balanced menu of activities to choose from. Campers choose what activities they want and how long they want to do them. Counselors supervise all activities and all areas so campers can move around freely.  Studios represent the deepest, most advanced creative opportunities at Steve & Kate’s. Designed by learning scientists and tested by kids, studios offer a range of meaningful activities and cutting-edge technologies where campers can dig deep into their passions.  

We offer one of the most flexible payment options around.  Buy any number of Day Passes online, and use them any time, at any location.  You don’t even need to tell us that you’re coming. Just show up.  The more days you buy, the cheaper every day gets.  Upgrade to larger plans at any time to get the best rate.  Get fully refunded for any unused Day Passes, automatically.  Fees include lunch, snacks and all hours 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Our camp is for literally every kid.  Well, if they’re between 4 and 12.  We also welcome older kids as mentees!

After 37 years, we can confidently say that we’ve never met a kid who doesn’t like making their own choices. That said, some kids – usually our younger campers – need a little help getting used to their newfound freedom. That’s why we developed Launchpad. All camp activities are available to Launchpad campers – we do not limit opportunities to campers just because they might be younger or newer to Steve & Kate’s. But with that being said, Launchpad campers do have additional guidance available from our hand-picked Launchpad staff and “launchpads” in each camp area.

Camp will be located at The Logan School (1005 Yosemite St, Denver CO) from June 12 – August 11th. Register today at  Questions?  Call Chas at 720-439-7785 or email  Better yet, join us for one of our upcoming events including their Info Night on April 26from 7:00-8:00 p.m.  Interested parents can RSVP here:

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