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Summer Camp: Watch Movies, or Make Them?

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Remember when we were kids and our parents would kick us out of the house for the entire summer? We just had to come home in one piece before the street lights came on and everything was golden.  These days, that’s considered child endangerment; so now we let our kids have entirely too much screen time, just so we can get something (anything) accomplished in peace.

But here’s an idea – instead of letting our kids watch movies made by other kids, what if we encouraged them to make their own? IncrediFlix summer camps do just that! They focus on expanding children’s imagination with hands-on activities, such as brainstorming, storyboarding and filming the movies; and because they work in groups, the kids learn the importance of teamwork. So my seven-year-old, who used to spend hours upon hours watching those weird YouTube movies with adults and pre-teens adding voice overs to Barbies and reenacting popular children’s movies, is now making her own stop-motion movies using everything from Shopkins to Legos to everyday household items, like cups and bowls.  

It melts my heart watching her and her friends spend an afternoon bringing their toys to life; and because their movies are often focused on the characters overcoming some kind of obstacle, they are also teaching themselves valuable life lessons. As an added bonus, their vocabulary is also expanding each time they create the voice-overs for their characters because there’s only so many times one can have the “I’m fine. How are you?” conversation.

This summer, she is taking Live Action Flix. I can only imagine what kind of wild plots she’ll come up with. I guess I’ll have to wait for my private screening.

IncrediFlix camps are weeklong programs held at different facilities throughout summer in and around Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins.  Please see their website at and go to the locations page for dates and locations near you! In partnership with Mile High Mamas. 

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