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25 Pranks to Become a Certified “April Fool”

25 Pranks to Become a Certified “April Fool”

The first day of April, not a legal holiday, but who can resist the fun of a little tease or prank just one day out of the year? This silly tradition has been around for centuries, with the first recorded account in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, dating back to 1392. Some countries end the fun at the noon hour – after that you’d be considered an “April Fool” for trying! Thankfully, in the U.S. we can act silly all day long, so why not start extra early this year…like 3:00 a.m. (Check out prank numbers 12 & 13.)

So, to help you out this year, I’ve put together a master list of foolish jokes and pranks with a little something for each member of your family. Mix and match and add in some serious creativity to keep the excitement going all day long!

1. Fill the sugar bowl with salt and watch as your family stirs it into their coffee and over their cereal.
2. Wet your hand with water and pretend to sneeze and sprinkle the water on someone.
3. Put honey in the shampoo bottle.
4. Take all the toilet paper out of the bathroom and leave an April Fools note.
5. Unscrew the saltshaker lid.
6. Glue a quarter to the sidewalk and watch as people grab for it.
7. Put fake bugs in your mom’s bed or place one in the corner of the bathroom.
8. Add food coloring to the milk.
9. Put gummy worms in an apple and slip it in your dad’s lunch.
10. Rubber band the sink sprayer with the spray nozzle pointing out, ready for the next unsuspecting victim.
11. Mix oatmeal and pea soup and pretend to get sick (outside), discretely pouring the “puke” on the ground while making disgusting noises.
12. Set your parents’ alarm clock for an unusually early hour – set more than one to make it really wild.
13. Change the time on your brother’s clock so he wakes up hours before he needs to.
14. Place bubble wrap under the toilet lid for a loud surprise.
15. Make a “sponge” cake out of a real sponge, frosting and sprinkles – offer a piece to your family members.
16. Ahead of time: tip a nail polish bottle over onto wax paper and allow it to dry. Later, use the “spilled” polish as a prank on a valued surface.
17. Make a fake parent – stuff a pair of your dad’s pants with newspaper and set them in an armchair with the legs tucked into shoes. Prop a newspaper, stiffened with a poster board and glue – as if dad were reading it – use tape to secure the paper to the inside edges to the armchair.
18. Cover the back of the shower knobs with syrup for a sticky surprise.
19. Place an Easter egg dye tablet (or two) in the filter of the bathroom faucet and the water will run in strange colors.
20. For soundly sleeping children – place siblings in the wrong bedroom and let them wake to the confusion. For older children, talk to them using the other sibling’s name and tell them they need to get ready for that child’s class or event.
21. Sew or safety pin all of dad’s underwear together and place them unsuspectingly in the drawer for a morning surprise.
22. Change the language setting on the television and watch your siblings’ confusion as they turn to their favorite cartoon – laugh even harder when dad tries to get it back to normal.
23. Sprinkle a little baby powder in the end of mom’s blow dryer to add some age to her hairdo.
24. Glue the eggs to the carton and ask your mom for a scrambled egg breakfast.

And, for our favorite prank – a sure hit if your family members relish themselves in good old-fashioned potty humor – and a prank worthy of more than just this one, unofficial holiday usage…

25. Peanut butter and chocolate poo!

Mix peanut butter (creamy or chunky – your choice!) with chocolate milk powder (you can also melt chocolate chips) to create disgusting poo goo. Add a splash of water for a looser consistency and extra chocolate for a richer color. Spread the mix on the toilet lid and make a mess of the toilet paper so it appears as if one of the children had some trouble. Parents won’t notice the yummy aeroma filling the bathroom as they are overcome with shock at the gross mess they have to clean up.

Have fun eating the leftovers of this prank, ha.

And that’s when you know you really are an April Fool!
What is your favorite April Fools Day prank?
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Author: Jaime

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  1. Oh my gosh – these are so fun!!! I’m excited to try some of these, thanks for the harmless funny ideas. I love this holiday! 🙂

  2. Be sure to tell us how it goes! Good luck 🙂

  3. What great ideas and fun. I have been thinking of ways to prank my kids and these ideas have helped! My 7 year old will be mad that I prank him better then he pranks me.


  4. That peanut butter one is brilliant!

  5. Super cute ideas!! I don’t think I could handle the “poo on the toilet seat” prank though – ack!!

  6. Too funny!!! Tears streaming down my face while sitting at my desk in my office reading this!!

  7. Too fun! Family Fun alwasy has lots of funny ideas too!

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