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Summer Camp at Denver Botanic Gardens

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Summers spent outdoors are so much fun! Denver Botanic Gardens offers week-long camps at York St. and Chatfield Farms that go outside to explore plants, nature, food, art, pollinators and so much more! Your kiddos will look forward to spending a week at the Gardens full of plant explorations, games, activities, cooking and potting plants to take home. Each year we introduce several new camp themes while continuing the most popular ones.

Nothing says summer like sunscreen, hats and lots of water. Water is a 2017  programming theme at the Gardens so each camp will find a creative way to incorporate education about where our water comes from, why water is such an important natural resource and how everyone can conserve water at their house and garden.

There are three camp options at the Gardens’ York St. location. For kids who love to create, the Art in the Gardens camp will foster a passion for the art of science through drawing, sculpting, painting, cooking and gardening. Participants will explore iconic art of Alexander Calder and make connections between plants and art through form, color and texture. For kids who are not shy about trying new foods and love learning about different culture, Global Gardens camp will allow them to travel the world without leaving the Gardens! In our collection and display gardens, we have plants from all around the world that thrive in semi-arid climate and soil like we have in Denver. In addition to learning about global plants, participants will get to cook and taste foods from the around the world. The final York St. camp Potions and Plants is perfect for your little scientist who loves to do experiments at home. This camp allows them to feed their scientific curiosity without making a mess in your house! Participants explore the magic, myth and mystery at the Gardens and even get to concoct a plant potion and plant a magical mini-garden to take home.


For kids that live in south Denver area or just really love to interact with animals and history, the Chatfield Farms camps will take their appreciation for farm life to the next level. The Life on the Farms camp allows kids to care for the farm animals, learn what it takes to make vegetables grow, explore the Hildebrand Ranch, and make snacks from ingredients grown on the farm. The Plant, Grow, Eat, Repeat hones in on the incredible edible world of plants. Kids will learn how to grow, care for and prepare favorite foods while having fun on the farm. Last, but not least, the Aquatic Adventures camp reveals the fun and creepy, crawly wonders of water and aquatic habitats. Kids will immerse themselves in nature along the banks of Deer Creek and the wetland ponds while observing frogs, insects and birds of prey. 

Camps at Denver Botanic Gardens provide so many fun and explorative opportunities that your kids may not even realize, they are learning important things about the environment, science, art and critical thinking while on summer break! If you don’t tell them, we won’t either.


All photos are © Denver Botanic Gardens. Photo by Scott Dressel-Martin

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