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President’s Day Ideas and Activities!

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President’s Day is one of those holidays that comes and goes without much fanfare at our house. If you want to up the ante like me this year, check-out these fun ideas for celebrating with your kids.

Old Glory Flag Pennant. Kids can make their own patriotic flag pennant by using a paper grocery bag, some crayons, and some crafty skills. read more


Crepe Paper Flag. This patriotic door decoration will show your Independence Day spirit. Display it proudly in a window or your front door for all your friends and family to see. read more


Powdered Wig. This fun presidental powdered wig is perfect for school plays, a Halloween costume or a great way to celebrate Presidents’ Day. read more


Future President Pin.  Your child will be proud to wear this future president pin stating that they too can be the President of the United States! read more


Paper Plate Abe Lincoln hat. Kids can pretend they’re a president by making this paper plate Abe Lincoln hat. It’s an easy Presidents’ Day craft so even the little ones can get involved. read more


President’s Day Finger Puppets. These Presidents’ Day paper finger puppets are easy to make. All you need are some coins, construction paper and cellophane tape to let the building begin with this kids’ craft. read more


Pretzel Log Cabin. This kids craft makes for a great activity on Presidents Day! Create Pretzel Log Cabins as a classroom project to celebrate Abraham Lincoln! read more


Patriotic Parade Stick. Whether it’s the Inaugural Parade, a 4th of July celebration or any other fun event you attend, this patriotic wand is perfect for showing your pride.


Craft Stick White House. Celebrate Inauguration Day or Presidents’ Day by creating your very own White House! Fun, educational crafts for kids. read more

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