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Best Way to Kill Lice: A Lice Clinic in Denver

Best Way to Kill Lice: A Lice Clinic in Denver

I used to joke that my kids would never get head lice. We have very low standards of hygiene in our household, and I had always heard that lice are attracted to clean hair. We were waaaaaaay in the clear on that one.

So, the morning my 5-year-old started scratching her head, and the school health practitioner called “lice,” I was shocked. She advised olive oil, mayonnaise and/or getting the stuff at the grocery store. I started reading horror stories online about how it took months to truly get rid of infestations.

When a friend screamed through the phone, “Don’t use the store-bought stuff!!” I was thinking that while I’m all about natural living, I really didn’t care at this point what was in it – I just wanted these little buggers GONE – and shoot, was my head starting to feel itchy too? “No, she said. It just won’t work. Go to a clinic – they guarantee results.”

What the what? A LICE CLINIC? Did such a sanctuary exist? Who knew!

We easily made an appointment at Lice & Easy (two locations in Denver) who gave me and little brother head checks, demonstrated how to identify lice eggs vs dandruff (if you can drag the white pod down a strand of hair, it’s lice which sticks), used this flowbee device to vacuum my daughter, educated me with prevention tips, provided all the snacks we could eat, and most importantly, restored my sanity with their 100% guarantee.

Their special dryers blow 140-degree air onto the hair at about three times the strength of a hair dryer, which took about 30 minutes. Basically, they dehydrated the head, which not only torched the lice, but more importantly, the eggs.

Only 40 percent of people who test positive for lice say their head feels itchy, so we took home lice prevention shampoo and a special comb that we use once a month.

A few lice myths debunked

  1. Lice don’t care whether your hair is short, long, dirty or clean, young or old. They feed on your blood – not your hair.
  2. Lice will not breed in your home. While it’s suggested to throw sheets and stuffed animals into the dryer for 30-40 minutes (which also psychologically makes your feel like you’re in charge), since eggs thrive on human blood, they won’t last more than a day or two off a human head.
  3. You cannot get lice from your pets or need to worry about them getting lice from you. Lice “has a type,” and it ain’t animals.
  4. Lice cannot jump to another head; they cannot jump, fly or swim; they can only crawl.
  5. “Super lice” is a thing. Darwinism at its finest, lice bugs have developed an immunity to over-the-counter lice treatments like Rid and Nix. Experts say these treatments only work 20-40 percent of the time.
  6. Mobile lice units don’t solve the problem either. While a concierge lice buster that makes house calls seems ideal, they only comb the hair and still rely on 21 days of messy hair treatments to which, bugs are often resistant.

For Denver-area urgent lice and removal treatment solutions, call 303-416-2216.  Locations: 5730 Ward Road – Suite 205 – Arvada, CO 80002; 7936 E Arapahoe Ct – Suite 2600, Centennial, CO 80112. In partnership with Mile High Mamas. 

-Loren Faye

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