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Need a to Plan a Kid’s Party or Parents’ Night Out? Win a Karaoke Party for 25!

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I don’t care how old you are…there’s an inner Dancing Queen in all of us.

Wait. I’ve got to back this up.

Years ago, a friend of mine told me about a magical venue in another state where you could rent private rooms and sing karaoke. I was secretly jealous that she had experienced such a place and wished the same enchanted experience, where I could spend the evening with a microphone in my hand as I danced the night away.

Well, guess what, Denver? That place is here.

The minute I heard that Voicebox had opened in the RiNo District downtown, I knew I had to try it. I invited my friends and their kids to check out their largest suite, which accommodates up to 25 people, and we all counted the days and added to our playlists until it was time to go.

We weren’t disappointed.voicebox

This is not your average karaoke lounge. Yes, there’s a full bar for the adults and a great and highly-rated food menu that my kids enjoyed…but that’s just the beginning. Before you even get there, you can start uploading your song list and when you get there, just enter the code for the room into your phone and you’re immediately connected. You can manage the songs you want to play and the lights in the room that swirl, making everyone jump to their feet and dance while you each get a turn on the mic.

Not only that, but tambourines are provided for your backup singers.

I watched my brother-in-law who is a vice president at a large corporation get up and sing “Shake It Off.” My mom and I sang a song from The Beatles. The kids ranged from Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez to The Eagles. My best friends jammed to Cyndi Lauper, Bon Jovi, and our time was cut short just before we got up there to sing “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Although we had booked two hours, we could have easily stayed longer; rarely have I been somewhere where the adults of all ages have just as much fun as the kids. And with affordable prices and rates set up for anything from a bachelorette party to a kids’ birthday party (yes, I would host a party there for my kids – each group is kept very separate), I know we’ll be back.

In fact as we were leaving, my friend leaned over and whispered, “We need to come back for a girls’ night out” just as my daughter grabbed my hand and said, “Can I have my birthday here?”


Voicebox wants YOU to karaoke! Win a night out with your friends kids, a birthday party or a parent’s night out. The reservation is for up to 25 people, plus an assortment of bites. Good for birthday parties and parents-night-outs! You may enter as many as five times.

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