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“Storks” movie is a Bundle of Joy

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Once upon a time, all babies were delivered by enterprising, hard-working storks. It was a good system, but not the only system of acquiring adorably leaky bundles of joy. Apparently, there are other ways to get babies? Some of the more clever storks decided to abandon the baby factory in favor of creating a mega-store in the sky supplying every last delivery whim to the people of Earth.

Storks is the latest animated offering from the Warner Animation Group, which created the cheeky, frantic, weird, hilarious The Lego Movie. If you liked it, you will fall in love with Storks. It never takes itself too seriously but manages to weave two solidly warm, embraceable stories together.

Junior Stork (Andy Samburg) is up for a big promotion, but first he has to carry out the difficult job of firing quirky Tulip (Katie Crown), an orphan human who works at the Cornerstore headquarters. Big boss Hunter (Kelsey Grammer) makes it clear Junior must comply or else. Tulip is lonely and wishes to find her real family, which is her main motivation. She has an irrepressible spirit—and amazing grasp of aviation. Perhaps it’s because she was raised by birds? Of course, the firing doesn’t go as planned. Mistakes are made.

The secondary story involves a busy catch-phrase dropping couple, Sarah and Henry Gardner (Jennifer Aniston, Ty Burrell). They are in real estate and have no time for their lonely son, Nate (Anton Starkman). Nate decides a little brother will eliminate his loneliness. How do you get baby brothers? First, you mention it to your parents, who choke for reasons you don’t understand. Second, you write to the Stork factory and ask for a brother not knowing it is shuttered. Or is it?

Suddenly, everyone is on a collision course. It smells like baby powder. It has pink hair. Will Junior and Tulip make this special delivery or will they be foiled? Will Nate get his baby brother? The road to family bliss is paved with peril, including a crazy talented, baby hungry wolfpack led by Alpha and Beta (Key and Peele).

Storks is loaded with zany, Saturday morning cartoon style fun. Warner Brothers is famous for the Looney Toons universe, so they know wacky, winking animated humor. You won’t expose your family to any grand lessons but it is a colorful, big-hearted celebration of family. People are more important than things, in the end. It’s as simple as that.

If you meet a minivan composed entirely of wolves on the road today, honk. They are searching for someone who tastes like flowers.

Storks is rated PG and opens everywhere on September 23, 2016.

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  • comment avatar Amber Johnson September 23, 2016

    I can’t wait to see this!

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