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First Day of School Walk(s) of Shame

First Day of School Walk(s) of Shame

I absolutely love the pictures my Facebook friends are posting about the first day of school of their kids, I really do. Not me, though.

Oh, I had my pic planned out as well for my kids, a close-up  of my champagne glass and fuzzy slippers,  with my angry, backpack-carrying kids in the background. Pretty cool, huh?

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. As I am driving to work on a certain day, kids resting comfortably at home in PJs,  I get a call from the school assistant asking me if I am aware lower elementary started,  which means my daughter Ella is MIA. Turns out we have the wrong day for the first-day-of-school.

Like the responsible parent I am,  I turn around, grab a bewildered Ella and drop her to school, me looking perfectly polished and put together, my daughter’s hair wild and outfit crazy. As I am apologizing profusely, I am informed politely my other child Matei, too, is supposed to be at school. So, I run home again and grab a “I can’t believe this is happening” Matei and do the second walk-of-shame of the day.

Finally, I return home yet again, divide and pack the school supplies, dropping them in what now marks the third walk-of-shame to school.

So.  If I am not home, please leave my Parent Of The Year Award at the door.

I will add it to my large collection of winning-at-parenting trophies. Thanks.

Anca is a Romanian-American, Chinese language double-major (it is true). PR professional from Littleton.  She is married with two kids, Matei (ten) and Ella (seven-going-on-15). Being told quite often by the said seven-going-on-15 year old that she will be FIRED (“fired” do you hear me??) from her job as a mom, Anca often takes it to writing to express the joys of parenthood. Which are often enhanced by the Malbec.


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  1. OHMYGOSH, this is hilarious.

  2. I love it! Our big first day of school fail was my first grader called me on the first day at noon–she was throwing up so missed the next two days of school. Better luck this week!

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