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Just when you thought I was a good (err, decent?) mom

Just when you thought I was a good (err, decent?) mom

When my son was younger, he, my husband and I were just back from running errands and as we pulled into the driveway, the song “Walk On The Wild Side” by Lou Reed came on. Whoof. I had not heard that song in *forever* and I commented on how much I liked it. Declan says “Let’s stay and listen to it, Mama!”

Without thinking, I cheerily said – “sure!” He crawled up into Bryan’s lap and we sat there listening to it and I was FRUH-EAKING OUT as Lou refreshed my memory to the lyrics. I’ll save you some of the rougher parts, but just to refresh your memory:

Little Joe never once gave it away
Everybody had to pay and pay

A hustle here and a hustle there
New York City is the place where they said

Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side
I said, hey Joe, take a walk on the wild side

Now I know why Bryan looked at me like I had three heads as I said “sure!” in such a chipper voice.

And when Declan starts making dirty little deals on the bad side of town, you can totally blame me.

What accidental faux pas have you made as a parent?

Author: Aimee

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  1. I have made this mistake so many times with songs in the car. I no longer offer to share ANY lyrics with my children!

  2. One evening, desperately trying to get the kids ready for a babysitter, I took them to the video store and picked up Little Miss Sunshine — there was a cute little kid on the cover and it was about a beauty pagent, how bad could it be? I neglected to check the rating — R. The babysitter and the kids were pretty shocked.

  3. Dude, I think this qualifies you as the best mom ever. Lou Reed is a god.

  4. LOL, thankfully, I can’t think of any at the moment. I try very hard to forget those.

  5. Just this weekend, my 2 yr old girl was belting out “I want you to want me” with the radio by the end of the song.


  6. Fortunately this was not my personal faux pas since my stepdaughter was not living with me at the time. My husband had the radio on and the song “My Humps” by the Black Eyed Peas came on. She knew ALL of the lyrics. Very disturbing to watch a 12 year old sing that!

  7. Our three year old sings a lot of Jimmy Buffett…We simply sing/yell substitute words like: “I’ve run my share of grass (toys)” 😉

  8. I am definitely Mother of the Year in this category. Daphne, who is in kindergarten, insists that her favorite song is Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes. She even does the head banging in sync with the guitar riffs.

    I guess having to explain what “the Hounds of Hell” means to a six year old isn’t exactly great parenting, eh?

    I really wouldn’t mind if she was singing Cheap Trick–catchy tune, that one. 🙂 Or am I just showing my age?

    Hubby is worse than I am about listening to whatever HE wants in the car and forgetting that there are very avid little ears in the backseat. Daphne came home last week singing…”I’ve been a bad, bad girl…” OK! No Fiona Apple until she’s much older, thank you! Ack! He had no problem with it. Men!

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