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Why your child needs personalized learning

Why your child needs personalized learning

Wouldn’t it be great if your kids could learn at their own pace, confidently explore new challenges, and take ownership of their learning? With personalized learning, or adaptive learning, technology engages children more deeply with their education.

Here’s what you should know about adaptive learning and how it can help your children:

Your kids are unique. Their learning should be too!

Every child learns differently, so static types of educational content—like traditional textbooks or paper worksheets—may not suit the style or pace at which your children learn most effectively. By contrast, adaptive learning programs are web- or computer-based and don’t have a set learning path. They provide your kids with content tailored to their needs, based on their real-time interactions with the program. That means that kids are challenged at just the right level, preventing them from getting frustrated with content that’s too difficult, while building their confidence as they learn.

They’ll be able to learn independently.

With adaptive learning, children can get the guidance they need even if their teacher or parent isn’t in the room. For example, IXL, a popular online learning program aligned to the Colorado education standards, provides immediate feedback and support—meaning your kids know right away whether they answered a question correctly, and get a detailed explanation of how to solve the problem if they answered incorrectly. This promotes independent learning and instills in your children the belief that they can learn from their mistakes, move on, and improve. ixl2

Your children will take ownership of their education.

Finally, the best adaptive programs inspire kids to take charge of their education. Using personalized content makes your children feel like they’re charting their own unique learning path and not just learning because they have to. Programs like IXL give kids even more control with access to thousands of skills in all grade levels so they can explore the topics that pique their interest, review concepts from earlier grades, or work ahead on more challenging concepts.

“Our kids love using IXL,” says Tom K. of Denver, Colorado. “They are exposed to several different subjects, can develop at their own pace, and the continuously-updated scores let them know how well they are progressing.”

Adaptive learning programs are great as a supplement to what your children are learning in school. Find out more about how a program like IXL can help your kids at!ixl1

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  1. We LOVE IXL. My daughter’s tutor recommended it to us a couple of years ago and since then, my kiddos have been hooked. What we love about it: when they get an answer wrong, it doesn’t just state the wrong answer but rather shows them how to do it correctly. They also receive awards for a job well down throughout and I get progress reports and can be assured what they’re learning is in line with what they’re learning in school.

  2. Nice to see IXL getting highlighted. I’m a teacher and have been recommending it to my students for years.

  3. What a helpful platform for students! I think that anything that encourages kids to take charge of their own future is an excellent choice.

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