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Mesh underwear? EmojiMom’s hilarious new app shares how moms really feel

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Nothing says “welcome to motherhood” like those post-labor mesh undies. But really, what is the proper emoji for that?

That’s why Hannah Hudson, Natalie Ralston and Sarah Robinson created EmojiMom ― a new iOS keyboard for pregnant women and moms. With 250 parenting-themed emojis, the app hilariously depicts the feelings and frustrations of pregnant and postpartum mothers–from nipple cream needed post-delivery, to an ultrasound image, mesh underwear, a potty-training baby and a mom pumping in a bathroom stall.



These three moms officially released the app on July 30 ― nearly 12 months after conceiving the idea and they are working on more dad-themed emojis as well. emoji4




Visit the EmojiMom Facebook and iTunes App store page for more information.

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