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How Denver-based Nolah Sleep is helping you sleep better (and giving back)

There are two things that are imperative to me since becoming a mom: regularly carving out “me time” and getting a good night’s sleep. Depending upon the circumstances, some days are better than others but guaranteed, if Mama ain’t happy sleeping, ain’t no one happy. 

nolah2Given my passion for a good night’s sleep, I was interested to learn that Denver-based Anna Hjoellund and Daniel Galle are on a mission to change how Americans sleep and shop for their mattresses. Combined, they have close to 20 years experience of designing some of the world’s best sleeping products and they’re not just talking the talk but founded Nolah Sleep as their talk. 

“To create tomorrow’s mattress Nolah learned from the past and saw that both Latex and Memory Foam are outdated materials that are inferior of today’s most advanced foam technology,” says Daniel. Being a technology driven company, Nolah then embarked on an 18-month long journey to create the next big thing within sleep foam. The result, after testing hundreds of constructions and foams, is the Nolah Air Foam. It’s firm, yet soft, so it’s able to contour perfectly to the sleeper’s shape and movement. You can read more about it on this Nolah mattress review. They have done an in-depth look at the mattress and the company.

Seeing is believing. I was sent a Nolah Air Foam to test out and I was surprised when it was delivered rolled up in a large box. Apparently I’m not the only one perplexed by the packaging because Nolah made a quick video about setting up the mattress. 

My first impressions: it wasn’t nearly as thick as our previous 15-year-old mattress and it was much firmer. I don’t prefer a soft mattress but the Nolah was really different than how I usually sleep so I decided to give it a week until I passed judgment [whereas my daughter, on Day 1, declared it felt “heavenly.”]nolah3

Here’s what was heavenly to me immediately. Our upstairs bedroom is stuffy and hot in the summertime and I’m rarely able to sleep through the night. The company’s Nolah Air Foam is 100 percent temperature neutral because it doesn’t contain Viscoelastic chemicals as Memory Foam does. Therefore, it sleeps cooler than any other Memory Foam mattress, with or without cooling gel, and even shows 4x less peak pressure on the sleeper’s hip and back areas when compared with traditional Memory Foam mattresses.

I thought my lack of sleep in the summer was due to the temperature in the room. I had no idea that my mattress was contributing to my discomfort because, for the first time ever, I was not hot at night.

By Day 4, I was a convert to the Nolah mattress.   What originally felt too stiff molded to my body and was super comfortable. I have erroneously equated my bed’s comfort with its thickness and now realize I had it all wrong.

Their Amazing Offer

Nolah’s office is located at 3773 Cherry Creek North but the mattress is only available online, as this is the core idea behind the whole online matters movement. Cut away distribution cost and expensive retail stores and offer the saving to the consumers instead at 1/3 the retail prices with free wildlife adoption, free shipping, free return and 120 nights trial period with a 15-year warranty. You can’t get any of these shopping perks in a mattress store. The main reason why people have started to buy Nolah’s mattresses online without first trying them is the risk-free 120 night trial period. With this, you don’t have to try the mattress first, just buy it, try it and return it if you don’t love it. They send a driver to pick it up again and donate it to a local charity.

nolah1“When we sell Nolah directly to consumers online it’s exactly the same foam mattress as you find in mattress stores retailing from anywhere from $2,800 up to $5,000,” says Daniel. “Our Nolah mattress is manufactured by the same factory and at the exact same production line as one of the known flagship mattresses that retail for $3,200 in one of the national mattress stores. Exactly the same quality grade foam and the only difference is that we sell directly to the consumers and mattress stores goes through middlemen that inflate the retail price.”

The Technology

Their core technology is the process of creating the air pockets inside their Nolah Air Foam. And then secondly that they removed the Viscoelastic chemical found in all Memory Foam. It’s these Viscoelastic chemicals that turn normal foam into Memory Foam, but they also trap heat that makes Memory Foam sleep too hot for a lot of people. They removed these chemicals and created the “hugging” and “contouring” effect of Memory Foam by using air pockets inside the foam instead of added chemicals. Their secret is to create the air pockets in a way so that air is more readily trapped inside the pockets and therefore requiring more force to release resulting in a superior pressure distribution that feels firm, yet soft, so it’s able to contour perfectly to the sleeper’s shape and movement.
Don’t believe me? If you’re in the market for a new mattress, test a Nolah mattress out yourself and you’ll become a convert, too. 

Hilarious parody for parents who give in and get a minivan

“I will never get a minivan.” I uttered these words when I was first married and still driving my ultra-cool Jeep.

“Oh, you just wait,” my mom friends taunted me. “You say that now but you’ll give in.

I never did get a minivan but can’t really blame my friends who did and this spot-on new parody tackles the often inevitable parenting decision to give in and get a minivan already.

A group of moms a.k.a. The Texting Yoga Pants switched up Montell Jordan’s “This is How We Do It” for a remix called “Never Thought I’d Do it.”

And the rest, as they say, is history. 

Killer ski deals for Labor Day Weekend!

The time has come. Yes, I mean Winter is coming…not in the Game of Thrones kind of way – but in the We Love to Go Outside and Play sort of way. Ski deals start big-time Labor Day weekend. The mountains have already reported dustings of snow so this may be the year to take up skiing or snowboarding. Try something new. Here are some of the best deals that you can score this Labor Day Weekend.
FREE Lift Tickets For Kids. There are two different programs in the state for kids to get into the sport of skiing/snowboarding.
·         Vail’s Epic Ski Kids. Vail’s program is free for kids Kindergarten through 5th Grade. Get four days at each of Vail’s Colorado resorts including Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge and Keystone. Plus, it includes one free first-timer lesson (with specific Dec/Jan dates for the lesson). To get the pass you have to take your kiddo and their proof of age/grade to a Colorado Ski and Golf location. Lines can get long, so be patient. But hey, it’s free right? Blackout dates do apply.
·         Colorado Ski Country’s 5th Grade Passport (and 6th Grade). Colorado Ski Country USA’s 5th grade Passport Program provides participants with three free days of skiing or snowboarding at each of their 20 member resorts. They also offer a 6th grade Passport Program. Sixth grade provides participants with four days of skiing or snowboarding at each of their resorts for just $105 if you register before Wednesday, November 30th, 2016, and only $125 until Tuesday, January 31st, 2017. Plus, the program offers 5th graders who have never skied nor snowboarded the chance to receive one full-day beginner, level one group lesson, and an equipment rental package for absolutely free. Just sign up for the Passport Program.
·         Arapahoe Basin. The Kids Free 2 Ski program returns again this year. Kids age 6-12 receive two free days at A-Basin with NO blackout dates and no purchase necessary. Parents should register their child on our eStore or at one of our Front Range ski shows by NOVEMBER 6, 2016, to get two free ski days. Bonus: if your child is a first-time skier or snowboarder, they receive 50% off one half-day a.m. class lesson – which also comes with a lift ticket.
Junior Trade Program. The best deal in town for kid’s equipment is the Junior Ski Trade program at Colorado Ski and Golf (Ski and Sport/Boulder Deals) locations. The easy-on-the-budget program provides deeply discounted prices on full set-ups (skis, bindings, poles, boots, safety check) for both new and used equipment for children and teens who take advantage of this annual update program. The advantage: annual exchange of equipment “grows” with the kids allowing them to be in the right-sized boots and right sized ski or snowboard. The cost for the entire first season on used equipment starts at $99.99 or starting at $199.99 for a brand new equipment set-up. (Normal single day rental is typically somewhere around $30). For every subsequent season the child participates in Junior Trade through Colorado Ski & Golf, customers get a 50 percent in-store credit on their initial purchase price towards updated and re-fitted gear. Early birds get the widest selection of sizes and brands. The program is available to youth snowboarders at a slightly higher price.
SKI REX. THE ski equipment sale is SkiRex at Colorado Ski & Golf Locations (Colorado Ski and Sport/Boulder Ski Deals). The buyers have been cramming their Aurora warehouse with special purchases on skis, snowboards, boots, outerwear, and accessories from factory overruns, closeouts, and unsold inventory from regions where snow and sales were low last year. The sale starts Friday Sept. 2 at 8am and then runs for two full weeks untilSunday, Sept. 18.
With the help of Keystone Resort, the Park Meadows location of Colorado Ski & Sports will be the go-to spot for families. Along with the bargains, an outdoor playground will rule under the big tent in the parking lot. Kidtopia, Keystone’s season-long free family programming, will animate the area with craft activities, a bounce house for energetic young jumpers, and opportunities to meet the resort’s ski patrol dogs as well as Keystone’s beloved canine mascot, Ripperoo. Burton’s Riglet Park, a learn-to-ride obstacle course for little tykes, will be staffed by two instructors to introduce future riders to their first snowboard experience on an artificial snow surface with mini bumps and ramps from Thursday, Sept. 1-Sunday, Sept 4.
PowderDaze. The Christy Sports Powder Daze ski and snowboard sale returns to Denver exclusively at the Christy Sports Event Center: 8601 W Cross Dr in Littleton,Colorado next to the Southwest Plaza Mall. Open 10am – 8pm Daily, August 26 through September 6 with all Ski gear, Board Gear and Apparel up to 70% OFF! Plus, exclusive pass deals available at Denver Powder Daze Only!
Ski Area Deals:
·         Arapahoe BasinThe A-Basin Transferable 4-Pack is just $179! Available online or at Front Range Shows through September 6. Coolest part about this ticket is that it is fully-transferable with NO blackout dates. The 4-pack goes on sale Friday, August 26, 2016, either in person at a Front Range ski show or online at our eStore. It *cannot* be purchased at the mountain. Price is subject to change, and this is the lowest price of the season, so Labor Day weekend is definitely the time to buy!
*Powder Daze exclusive* – the adult A-Basin Elevation 4 Pass (ages 15+)plus one day for yourself or a friend – $159. This deal is ONLY valid at Christy Sports Powder Daze show sale in Littleton.The adult (age 15+) Arapahoe Basin Elevation 4 Pass gives the pass holder FOUR days of skiing with NO blackout dates. It is non-transferable (good for one person). When purchased at PowderDaze, the pass holder gets a FIFTH ticket for themselves or a friend loaded onto their pass (there are no blackout dates on that ticket). 
·         Steamboat – Steamboat  has several deals. Their deadline for many of their season pass, multi-day and multi-mountain pricing deadlines are Sept. 5: so act quickly! They also have some amazing packages including Labor Day (incl. lodging, tickets toWild West Air Fest and BOGO gondola tickets); OktoberWest (incl. lodging discounts, OktoberWest beer tasting ticket discounts and BOGO gondola tickets); Fall Breakaway package (free night of lodging when you book two or more); and other great deals as you look ahead to winter deals can be found here:
·         Crested Butte – Crested Butte takes the four-pack one notch up with a 6-pack and come back to see my favorite summer get-away! The six-pack includes five winter tickets and one summer ticket. $149 inclusive, limited to 1 per 18+ adult present. You can use the summer lift ticket for remainder of summer 2016 or summer 2017. Summer ticket expires end of summer season 2017. Score the PowderDaze 2-Night stay deal $329 inclusive.  $189 inclusive for extra nights. Booking starts November 17th.  Based on availability. Plus, they have a special kids 3-pack group lessons/lift for just $300 inclusive. Ages 3-14 for ski, 7-14 for snowboard. 1 per child per season.  Blackout dates apply, Non-transferable, non-refundable on all these offers.  Most expire on 4/9/2017
·         Copper – Copper will be offering a 5-for-4 Pack for just $169. This includes 5 days of skiing and riding at Copper with no blackout dates. There will also be Copper Season Passes and the new All Access Pass on sale as well at PowerDaze.
Copper also has some other fun events coming up including Copper Country on September 3 & 4  The annual Labor Day celebration includes free live music, kids activities and a fine arts exhibition. And, Unleash the Fierce Weekend happening the following weekend, September 9  -11. It’s a multi-day experience that stems from the Dirty Girl Mud Run. Instead of just the run this year, we’ve turned it into a weekend of girl power focused events. There’s a Wine Night Friday the 9th, the run and Girls Night Out on Saturday the 10th then a Bennies & Bubbly brunch and golf tournament on Sunday the 11th.
·         Winter Park – Exclusive offer at PowderDaze: Get 4 passes for $179 with a 5th Day FREE! Also, if you buy a 2016-17 Adult Winter Park Season Pass (or Route 40 Pass) get the same kids pass for free. Offers are non-transferrable, all people must be present to purchase pass. No blackout dates.
·         Eldora – Season passes are on sale now on their website but you can also score at Deal at PowderDaze… 4-Pass special of $149 available at the show. This pass is non-transferable and non-refundable, so just for one person but it is a great price for 4 amazing days of riding. 
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Deals: Free Dental Care, Elitch Gardens and More

What does Labor Day mean to you? For our house it is officially the start of fall (and for the older member of the house – namely me – it used to mean the start of a school year). This year my son will be in Florida with his football team – meaning I will have a full weekend with just my daughter and me. I was thinking of fun things for us to do. Maybe we will go up to Lawson Adventure Park. Maybe we will hit A Taste of Colorado. Maybe we will just sleep in late (her favorite thing to do) and stay in our Pj’s all day. What are you doing this Labor Day Weekend?
Taste of Colorado. A Taste of Colorado is the giant festival at Civic Center Park in Downtown over Labor Day weekend featuring several different stages of entertainment (with some really big name bands), fun and games for every member of the family, booths of arts and crafts; and of course, a lot of food to taste.
Free Dental Care. Risas Dental & Braces will kick-off its annual Labor of Love event where they will offer FREE dental care services from 8 am-noon at each of its four Denver-area locations this Labor Day. Patients can select one service, including a basic cleaning, filling, extraction, or a complete exam with X-rays.
Elitch Loves Broncos Fans. Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park loves football fans and is celebrating the upcoming football season with Orange & Blue Days. Announcing a deal worth tackling, fans will be able to score big with the ultimate Home Team Champ Pack for only $50! This offer includes game day parking and two tickets to America’s Only Downtown Theme and Water Park. This value-packed package will be valid on any of our home team’s game days including upcoming dates: September 18 and October 9.
Anythink Block Party. This September, Adams County residents are invited to celebrate community at the Anythink Block Party. From Sept. 10-18, 2016, there will be seven opportunities for residents to meet friends and neighbors out where they live, work and play. Each block party will be representative of its local community and will include food, entertainment and activities for all ages. For more information, go to
Retail Sales. Many retail establishments will have some great deals. Here are the top items to be looking for this Labor Day. School Supplies – most schools are already in session, meaning sales on remaining items. Summer clothes – this is the time stores are looking to clear space big time for fall and holiday shopping. Outdoor items – lawn care, outdoor furniture, and pools will all be on sale.
Baskin Robbins. Celebrating months that have a 31 – like the number of flavors…Baskin Robbins is offering one scoop of their delicious ice cream on August 31 for just $1.31. Grab two or three scoops! Cake Batter anyone?
Arby’s Bronco’s Deal. When the Broncos score two touchdowns in a game – you can get an original Roast Beef Sandwich for just $1 at Arby’s the day following the game.
Supper Bell. With kids on the go (and me driving in more circles than I care to admit) I love this place!  Plus, they’ve got a great Labor Day deal. Enjoy a slow-cooked dish doused in their house made BBQ sauce, baked beans with bacon candy, and to round out this meal for 4, their vinegar slaw! ($28.50). SupperBell, Denver’s chef prepared dinner delivery service with culinary direction from Chef Frank Bonanno, will offer this Labor Day menu item starting 8/29 – 9/2. Guests can order dinners online at or can access the SupperBell App for easy ordering of their dinner delivery Monday through Friday. Once meals are delivered, customers simply heat their food up in minutes and enjoy restaurant quality dinners in the comfort of their own homes. 
Outlets of Colorado Shopping Extravaganza.  Purchase a $25 tickets now for Outlets at Castle Rock’s 11th Annual Shopping Extravaganza. The event takes place Saturday, September 17 from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Not only does your ticket benefit your choice of charity but you also get great deals and a chance at more than $75,000 in prize drawings. Unlock exclusive deals on top of Outlets at Castle Rock’s daily savings of 30-70% off retail prices. Throughout the event, shoppers can enjoy: Exclusive discounts at top brand names including 50% Off total purchase at CAbi, 50% Off entire purchase at NYDJ, 20% Off total purchase at Under Armour, 20% Off entire purchase at Clark’s and much more; Catered Lunch & Dessert Bar; Pepsi beverages, live music and more.
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First Day of School Walk(s) of Shame

I absolutely love the pictures my Facebook friends are posting about the first day of school of their kids, I really do. Not me, though.

Oh, I had my pic planned out as well for my kids, a close-up  of my champagne glass and fuzzy slippers,  with my angry, backpack-carrying kids in the background. Pretty cool, huh?

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. As I am driving to work on a certain day, kids resting comfortably at home in PJs,  I get a call from the school assistant asking me if I am aware lower elementary started,  which means my daughter Ella is MIA. Turns out we have the wrong day for the first-day-of-school.

Like the responsible parent I am,  I turn around, grab a bewildered Ella and drop her to school, me looking perfectly polished and put together, my daughter’s hair wild and outfit crazy. As I am apologizing profusely, I am informed politely my other child Matei, too, is supposed to be at school. So, I run home again and grab a “I can’t believe this is happening” Matei and do the second walk-of-shame of the day.

Finally, I return home yet again, divide and pack the school supplies, dropping them in what now marks the third walk-of-shame to school.

So.  If I am not home, please leave my Parent Of The Year Award at the door.

I will add it to my large collection of winning-at-parenting trophies. Thanks.

Anca is a Romanian-American, Chinese language double-major (it is true). PR professional from Littleton.  She is married with two kids, Matei (ten) and Ella (seven-going-on-15). Being told quite often by the said seven-going-on-15 year old that she will be FIRED (“fired” do you hear me??) from her job as a mom, Anca often takes it to writing to express the joys of parenthood. Which are often enhanced by the Malbec.


Have a 4th grader? Get free admission to America’s national parks!


The “Every Kid in a Park” initiative lets all fourth grade students and their families have free admission to National Parks, national forests, national wildlife refuges and waters for a full year. Now in its second year, be sure to sign up your newly-minted fourth grader now at

Start by clicking Get Your Pass


Start Your Adventure Now



Click Start and then choose your adventure.

It could be Go On a Nature Walk, Time Travel or Go Swimming.


Whatever adventure you choose, follow the prompts until you reach your destination:


Simply print your pass and enjoy a year of exploring our great nation’s National Parks!



Additional Instructions

Our national lands and waters belong to everyone. That includes you! Use this pass to visit any of them for free. You can bring your family and friends with you for free, too!

Official rules

  • The pass is for U.S. fourth graders (or home-school equivalent) students.
  • The pass is for the 2015 to 2016 school year. It expires August 31, 2016.
  • Students can’t transfer the pass to anyone else.
  • They can’t accept electronic versions of this paper for access or to exchange for a pass.
  • There’s no way to request a refund later if you forget the pass when you visit.
  • If you lose your pass, get a new one by visiting the website and signing up again.
  • Educators can get one paper pass for each of their fourth-grade students.

How it works

  • Show your pass to a ranger when you enter. If there is no ranger, leave it on the dashboard of your car.
  • If you visit a site that charges entrance fees per person— The pass admits all children under 16 and up to three adults for free.
  • If your group visits a site that charges vehicle fees – The pass admits all children under 16 and all adults in up to one passenger vehicle. Commercial vehicles can’t use a pass to get in.
  • If you arrive at a site on bicycle— The pass admits all children under 16 and up to three adults on bicycles.
  • The pass doesn’t cover things like camping, boats, and special tours. Also, some sites are managed by private operators. They may not honor the pass. Check with the site ahead of time to find out.
  • The pass doesn’t cover fees for local, city, or state parks and recreation areas unless they say that they accept this pass.

Just when you thought I was a good (err, decent?) mom

When my son was younger, he, my husband and I were just back from running errands and as we pulled into the driveway, the song “Walk On The Wild Side” by Lou Reed came on. Whoof. I had not heard that song in *forever* and I commented on how much I liked it. Declan says “Let’s stay and listen to it, Mama!”

Without thinking, I cheerily said – “sure!” He crawled up into Bryan’s lap and we sat there listening to it and I was FRUH-EAKING OUT as Lou refreshed my memory to the lyrics. I’ll save you some of the rougher parts, but just to refresh your memory:

Little Joe never once gave it away
Everybody had to pay and pay

A hustle here and a hustle there
New York City is the place where they said

Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side
I said, hey Joe, take a walk on the wild side

Now I know why Bryan looked at me like I had three heads as I said “sure!” in such a chipper voice.

And when Declan starts making dirty little deals on the bad side of town, you can totally blame me.

What accidental faux pas have you made as a parent?

Why your child needs personalized learning

Wouldn’t it be great if your kids could learn at their own pace, confidently explore new challenges, and take ownership of their learning? With personalized learning, or adaptive learning, technology engages children more deeply with their education.

Here’s what you should know about adaptive learning and how it can help your children:

Your kids are unique. Their learning should be too!

Every child learns differently, so static types of educational content—like traditional textbooks or paper worksheets—may not suit the style or pace at which your children learn most effectively. By contrast, adaptive learning programs are web- or computer-based and don’t have a set learning path. They provide your kids with content tailored to their needs, based on their real-time interactions with the program. That means that kids are challenged at just the right level, preventing them from getting frustrated with content that’s too difficult, while building their confidence as they learn.

They’ll be able to learn independently.

With adaptive learning, children can get the guidance they need even if their teacher or parent isn’t in the room. For example, IXL, a popular online learning program aligned to the Colorado education standards, provides immediate feedback and support—meaning your kids know right away whether they answered a question correctly, and get a detailed explanation of how to solve the problem if they answered incorrectly. This promotes independent learning and instills in your children the belief that they can learn from their mistakes, move on, and improve. ixl2

Your children will take ownership of their education.

Finally, the best adaptive programs inspire kids to take charge of their education. Using personalized content makes your children feel like they’re charting their own unique learning path and not just learning because they have to. Programs like IXL give kids even more control with access to thousands of skills in all grade levels so they can explore the topics that pique their interest, review concepts from earlier grades, or work ahead on more challenging concepts.

“Our kids love using IXL,” says Tom K. of Denver, Colorado. “They are exposed to several different subjects, can develop at their own pace, and the continuously-updated scores let them know how well they are progressing.”

Adaptive learning programs are great as a supplement to what your children are learning in school. Find out more about how a program like IXL can help your kids at!ixl1

In partnership with Mile High Mamas. 

10 Beautiful Places in Colorado You Didn’t Know About

While Colorado is a land of famous postcard-worthy wonders, some of our most magical locales receive the least amount of spotlight. Get ready to be amazed at these lesser-known — but no less magnificent — places in Colorado. shares some of their favorites. 

1. Curecanti National Recreation Area

Nearby Towns: Gunnison, Montrose
The sight of craggy mesas rising above three placid turquoise reservoirs is stunning during the daylight hours. But thanks to the low light pollution in the area, Curecanti is even more dazzling at night — when millions of stars light up one of the darkest skies in the state. Stop by the Elk Creek Visitor Center to sign up for a ranger-led stargazing hike or call 970-641-2337. 

2. Lookout Mountain

Nearby Towns: Denver, Golden
Take the Lariat Loop National Scenic Byway from Golden to the mountain’s summit to soak up gorgeous panoramas of Denver. Then, stop at the Lookout Mountain Nature Center, where gentle hiking trails wind through wildflower-frenzied meadows and tranquil ponderosa forests.


0706 NM/CO Camping - 09303. Alta Lakes

Nearby Towns: Telluride
Nestled high above Telluride, this trio of iridescent high-alpine gems is cradled by snow-speckled 13,000-foot San Juan Mountain peaks. Free backcountry camping is available near the lakes, and the nearby Alta mining ghost town is also worth exploring.

4. Downtown Leadville

Seventy square blocks of well-preserved Victorian buildings evoke scenes from Colorado’s silver boom days, when the city’s saloons, dance halls, gambling joints, hotels and brothels bustled with activity. Stroll the colorful National Historic Landmark District, which includes two 1870s-era churches and the Tabor Opera House.

5. Rock Castles on Mill Castle Trail

Nearby Towns: Gunnison, Crested Butte
Sturdy hikers who traverse this 14.3-mile trail in the Gunnison National Forest are rewarded with glimpses of silver-hued rock formations that resemble the ruins of a fairytale castle. Prepare to gain an elevation of 3,300-feet to summit Storm Pass for the best views of the rocky kingdom.

6. Potato Lake

Nearby Town: Durango
Dubbed Spud Lake (naturally) by locals, this beauty is flanked by the greenery of the San Juan National Forest and reached via an easy 2-mile hike north of Durango. The clear waters beckon hikers to take a dip, and campsites on the northwest side of the lake offer breathtaking sights of the Twilight Peaks.

7. Arapaho Glacier Trail, Indian Peaks Wilderness

Nearby Towns: Nederland, Boulder
While the bounty of summer wildflowers that blanket this 4.5-mile hike in the Indian Peaks Wildness are a standalone visual feast, unparalleled panoramas of the Park and Gore ranges and Rocky Mountain National Park reward seasoned hikers who summit 13,397-foot South Arapaho Peak. Get there from the Fourth of July Trailhead near Eldora Ski Resort.

8. Rio Grande Trail

Nearby Towns: Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, Aspen
This 42-mile gently sloping trail, which follows the Roaring Fork River from Glenwood Springs to Aspen, is built on the former Aspen railroad corridor of the historic Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad. Eye-pleasing vistas along the trail include verdant meadows, timeworn ranch buildings and majestic Mt. Sopris.

9. Rifle Falls State Park

Nearby Town: Rifle
Lush greenery, mysterious limestone caves and an enchanting three-tiered waterfall attract admirers from near and far to Rifle Falls State Park. Soak up the luscious riparian landscapes from the 1.5-mile Coyote Trail, where you can see the bottom and top of the falls, peek into the limestone caves and walk along Rifle Creek under a canopy of towering cottonwoods. (Featured image)

10. Coors Field

Before you scoff at our ballpark entry, hear us out — glimpses of the emerald field flanked by blue skies, the distant Rocky Mountains and the Denver skyline are truly spectacular. For some of the best views of the sun setting over the mountains, cheer on MLB’s Colorado Rockies at Coors Field from the first-base side of the stadium or the rooftop. 

Want More?

Read 99 Gorgeous Places in Colorado: Part 1, The Postcard PlacesPart 2, The Local Favorites and Part 3: The Hidden Gems.

Top things to do in Denver this weekend

School may be underway but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop.  Events include the Colorado State Fair, free entrance to national parks, a BalloonFest and a fall FUN-tivity. See our event calendar for full listings. 

Colorado State Fair at Colorado State Fairgrounds
Aug 26 – Sep 5
Get ready for nonstop entertainment during one of the largest pro rodeos in the country. Highlights include a livestock and horse show, parades, country concerts, an arts exhibition, a fiesta weekend, and an electrifying carnival at the Pueblo Fairgrounds.

Rocky Mountain BalloonFest at Chatfield State Park
Aug 27  – 28

The Rocky Mountain BalloonFest brings Denver and the surrounding area a beloved Hot Air Balloon Festival for all ages! Balloons of all colors and shapes will launch as the sun rises Saturday and Sunday to amaze the whole family. Make sure to bring your camera! Following the balloon flights there will be many activities throughout the morning and the afternoon as well as a variety of food vendors, exhibitors, arts & crafts vendors, demonstrations, kids area and more.

Just Between Friends of Longmont Sale at Boulder County Fairgrounds 
Aug 24  – 29 
Twice a year, Mile High Mamas does a round-up detailing Colorado’s popular children’s consignment sales. Thousands of shoppers find bargains on kids’ clothing for newborn-preteen, toys, strollers, furniture, baby equipment, books, shoes, maternity items and more…all at 50-90% below retail.

Free Entrance at National Parks 
Aug 25  –  28 
The National Park Service turns 100 years old in 2016 and we want everyone to join the party! On 16 days in ’16, all National Park Service sites that charge an entrance fee will offer free admission to everyone. 

Just Between Friends of Denver Sale at National Western Complex
Aug 25 – 28 
Twice a year, Mile High Mamas does a round-up detailing Colorado’s popular children’s consignment sales. Thousands of shoppers find bargains on kids’ clothing for newborn-preteen, toys, strollers, furniture, baby equipment, books, shoes, maternity items and more…all at 50-90% below retail.

Venus de Miles at Prospect Park 
Aug 27, 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Participate in an all-women’s non-competitive bike ride that benefits Greenhouse Scholars, non-profit organization that provides comprehensive personal and financial support to high-performing, under-resourced college students. Reservations required.

Ekar Urban Farm 7th Annual Tour de Farm 
Aug 28, 9:00 am – 10:00 am
Enjoy a family-oriented cycling event through the “bread basket” of Denver, offering adults and children the opportunity to explore some urban farms by bicycle while supporting Ekar’s hunger relief programs. Tour starts at Ekar Urban Farms and stops at Sprout City Farm at Denver Green School for a tour; Then onto Delaney Farm for a break and fresh Palisade peaches; Then back to Ekar for grilled Colorado Olathe corn and live bluegrass music.

100 Years for Birds, Audubon Nature Center at Chatfield Tickets
Aug 28, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Join the Audubon Society of Greater Denver to celebrate 100 Years for Birds! Event Activities Include: Live Bird Demonstrations, Rubber Ducky Scavenger Hunt around the Nature Center Trails with Prizes, Bird & Wildlife Tours Led by Audubon Naturalist and Master Birder Volunteers, Writing postcards to save the Gunnison Sage Grouse and more. 

Macaroni Kid Fall FUN-tivity Bash at Family Sports Center Tickets
Aug 28, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
FREE! Macaroni Kid is excited to invite you to attend our Fall FUN-tivity Bash on August 28th! Kids can enjoy games and activities from vendors while you meet face-to-face with businesses offering Fall FUN such as classes, lessons, programming, and birthday services. Open to the public. Pre-registration encouraged but not required.

Free Day at Denver Museum of Nature and Science 
Aug 29, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Monday, August 29 – Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Free admission.

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