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Foodie Friday: Citrus Lime Chicken Kids Will Love

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My dear mother-in-law introduced me to this family favorite and I am asked for this recipe every time. It is perfect for dinner parties because everyone can just pick-and-choose what they want to add and serve themselves like Hawaiian Haystacks.

Only this is so much better.

The secret is in the dressing so make sure not to scrimp when you’re serving it. The fresh flavor tastes like a lovely blast of spring or summer!


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  • comment avatar Emily July 18, 2014

    OK, this looks yummy. WOndering if you can substitute Splenda for sugar?

  • comment avatar Amber July 18, 2014

    Emily–Yes, you absolutely can use a sugar substitute and I do so frequently. The oil for the recipe used to be vegetable oil but I prefer olive oil. You can go either way!

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