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Borrow a Colorado State Parks Pass from Your Public Library

Borrow a Colorado State Parks Pass from Your Public Library

Check Out Colorado State Parks is a fairly new program that gives library patrons access to a backpack full of state park fun from your public library. The program has been deployed to many of the participating public libraries across Colorado. Both libraries and state parks promote learning and it is so exciting to see them partnering to offer this program to library goers.

library1When you check out the backpack, you will receive several items that will help you to plan your day exploring Colorado’s many state parks. The backpack includes a state park pass laminated hang tag to use for free entrance, a pair of binoculars, and several guides. There was a Colorado Trees and Wildflowers guide, a wildlife guide, and a state parks guide.

We used the backpack to gain access to Roxborough State Park. This is one of our favorite Colorado State Parks. It is a great park to take visiting guests. It offers short and easy walks to more difficult hikes. There are lots of state parks to choose from. Some of our favorites include Eldorado Canyon State Park and Castlewood Canyon State Park.

The backpacks can be checked out from your local library for a seven-day period. Check out procedures vary depending on the library. Some libraries have made the backpack program a Lucky Day item, which means it is your lucky day if you are at the library and it is available. Lucky Day items can’t be put on hold. Other libraries allow you to put the backpack on hold and will contact you when it comes available. Check with your library to see how they are handling the checkout procedures.

The state park pass will give you access to the state parks but does not cover camping fees or other fees that might be included in your chosen activity.

While you are exploring the state parks, be sure to tag your photos with #CheckOutColorado on Twitter or Instagram.library3

Did you know that this type of program is not new to the Colorado public library? Many of the public library systems offer an Adventure Pass where you can check out admission passes for various places like the Butterfly Pavilion, Colorado History Museum, and more.

Jennifer Close is a teacher librarian and travel blogger. She likes to read, craft and look for adventures with her children and you can find her at Two Kids and a Map.


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  1. How have I never heard of this? Brilliant idea and we can’t wait to check it out.

  2. Colorado is the coolest place ever. I love that we have programs like this.

  3. So, just to make sure I understand, there is a free pass in there? How long can you keep the backpack?

  4. Hi, Helen! The backpack contains a hang tag for your car that gives you entrance into the Colorado state parks. Most libraries I checked allow for a one week checkout period. We checked ours out on a Thursday, had it over the weekend and returned it when the weekend was over. Libraries differ but most make you check out and return the backpack to a library staff member. The staff member will check to make sure that the pass is in the backpack before you take it with you and when you return it.

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