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Klement’s Sausage: Win a prize pack of their artisan sausages!

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One of the awesome things about being a part of Mile High Mamas is we’re often privy to new products as they’re released in Colorado.

klementsCase in point: Klement’s authentic European handcrafted sausage. I’ve come to know the hard way that not all sausages are created equally and we’ve become a big fan of Klement’s gluten-free, naturally hardwood-smoked sausages that have no MSG added but plenty of flavor. A few of our favorites include their Snack Sticks, Summer Sausages, and Precooked European Traditions Dinner Links.

Established in 1956, this family-founded company boasts three generations of artisan sausage makers. It has grown from a small sausage kitchen to one of the largest producers of fine, Old World sausage products.  Made is small batches with 100% quality ingredients (only premium cuts of beef and pork), their products are NOT co-extruded (a continuous process typically used to cut costs) when the sausage meat is pumped through an inner tube on a machine, while alginate (a gel formed from algae that is used as a substitute meat casing) is pumped around the sausage. Sadly, many of the sausage market leaders in the U.S. use this process but not Klement’s sausage…and it shows in the flavor. 

A few ways we’ve loved munching down on Klement’s this summer: 

  • We’ve done some boating with our family and it’s fast and easy to throw their Snack Sticks in our cooler along with drinks. It’s a simple way to get a burst of protein after a long day on the lake.
  • Serve Klement’s as an appetizer before your next meal…or the next day for snacks. It tastes marvelous with crackers and cheese. 
  • Lazy mom confession: we often have them for lunch, along with fruit. One can only handle so many sandwiches, right?
  • I love to chop them up and throw them in my summer salads (pasta and even potato salads work marvelously) or a marinara sauce. 
  • klements4When school starts next month, we’ll make our own (much healthier) lunchables with the Summer Sausages. For quick, on-the-go lunches, throw in a Snack Stick.
  • Two words: pizza topping!

Klement’s sausages are now available at Walmarts across the Denver metro area. Their snack sticks and summer sausages can also be found at


Mile High Mamas is giving away a tasty prize pack of Klement’s sausages delivered right to your door!  You may enter as many as five times. 


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